27 Best Watches for Men under ₹10,000 in India

Even with the presence of smartphones in every pocket, a watch is still one of the must-have accessories for men. The presence of a watch on the wrist brings satisfaction which is hard to match. And if you’re looking for the best watches for men under 10000 you don’t need to go any further. 

This is because we have covered the top watches for men below 10,000 in this guide cum compilation.

If you don’t have budget to purchase watches under ₹10000, please visit our home page and read a guide relevant to your budget. We have guides for every price range.

When one of these handsome timepieces will move to your wrist, you’ll be part of a special class. 

In essence, if you go with one of our watch choices, you’ll have a personality partner. Moreover, there are pretty good chances that you will not only have a handsome watch on your wrist but also value for the money you are going to spend on it.

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To further simplify your shopping experience, we have divided this guide to best watches for men under ₹10,000 into various brands.

Therefore, if you wish to see men’s watches under 10,000 from a particular brand, you can directly jump to that brand’s section by clicking on its name. Or, if you want to see watches from all brands, keep scrolling :).

Pro Tip: If you like any of the men’s watch under ₹10,000 featured in this guide, we recommend you to add it into your cart on e-commerce platforms or bookmark the product page URL by pressing ctrl+d in Windows and ⌘ + d in Mac. This will serve two benefits. One, you will have all your selected watches in one place. Two, you will be able to track price changes more effectively.

Fossil Watches

Fossil Minimalist Watch

fossil minimalist watch for men

The first watch in this guide is also one of the first watches on which our team agreed upon to feature in this guide.

Unlike the modern layered complex watches, this Fossil watch for men features a clean analogue interface on a 44mm wide case.

This minimalist interface can be your choice if you wish to keep things simple yet attractive.

Beneath the circular case resides the quartz movement. 

The snappy slim design has a lightweight black metal build, which will help you in focusing on the job rather than continuously distracting you with the heavyweight.

The only contrasting expectation to the all-black build is the blue coloured second hand. The subtle pop of the blue accent makes it stand out on your wrist.

5 ATM water-resistant depth rating makes it wearable while swimming in shallow water. In addition, it comfortably lays flat on the wrist.

In essence, Fossil Minimalist 3H is truly a master timepiece for men not only in India but globally.

Buy it right now to have the ultimate simplified time machine on your wrist.

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Model number: FS5308

Other minimalist watch from Fossil under ₹10,000:

Fossil Minimalist Watch for Men with Orange Acccent
Fossil Minimalist with leather strap and orange second hand (Model Number: BQ2310)

Fossil Leather Strap

Fossil leather strap watch for men

There is a reason why Fossil is called the champion of under the 10000 range for men in India.

Coming from the house of Fossil, this watch has a beautiful black leather strap combined with a stainless steel case. The gold-coloured bezel brings in the attraction point.

Other points of attraction are elements of the watch dial. The watch dial features a date keeper and stopwatch subdials in a catchy design. And of course, the classic Fossil branding.

The best part of a watch like this is that they go well on all types of outfits whether it is formal or casual. This saves you from the hassle of switching between watches for different events. In addition, this also brings a sense of consistency among onlookers.

In short, this is what we call a quality watch on a man’s wrist without hitting hard on the pocket.

Model Number: FS4545

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Similar leather strap watches for men from Fossil:

Fossil Chronograph Beige Dial Watch
Bright and beautiful, like your personality, this Fossil Chronograph with beige dial is a perfect choice to complement your formal dress. (Model Number: FS4735)
Fossil best watches for men under 10000
FOSSIL Grant Chronograph
Fossil Analog Blue Dial Watch
A Fossil men’s watch with premium blue dial to complement your favourite suit. (Model Number: (Model Number: 5279)

Other options from Fossil for professionals in India:

Fossl Chronograph for Men
An all-in-one choice for urban men who have a full-packed schedule to deal. This premium watch will give a rocking look on your wrist in morning meeting to the mid-night party thanks to dual-tone strap and gold hands on the dial. On top of this, it is affordable than most of its peers. (Model Number: FS5164)
Fossil Grant Chronograph - Black Metal Watch
Big, bold and beautiful (Model Number: FS4832)
Fossil Machine Watch for Men
Fossil machine, a strong premium watch in stainless steel build. (Model Number: FS4487)

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Best Watch for Men under 10,000: Casio Edifice

Casio Edifice's best watches for men under 10000

Not every man in the house likes minimalist watches. Unlike our previous listing, this well-formed watch from Casio has a lot of layers in the build.

The stunning blue dial features a stopwatch along with the three hands for showing time. Moreover, it has accommodated a date interface at 3 o’clock.

Other than the blue dial, it also has ion-plated blue bezels surrounding the round case. This will bring a premium look for the watch on your wrist.

The right side of the case features two additional crowns in addition to the primary crown. These additional crowns are used for starting and resetting or splitting the stopwatch.

The case and strap are made of stainless steel. The watch strap has a fold-over clasp with safety. While the glass on top is made of mineral. As a result, it has a water-resistant depth of up to 100m.

In essence, as pointed out by Amartya in his Amazon review, this men’s watch strikes a perfect balance between formal and sporty look.

Model number: EFR-556DB-2AVUDF (EX362)

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Similar stainless steel band watches for men under 10,000 in Casio Edifice series:

Casio Edifice teal
Casio Edifice Teal
red Casio edifice watch
Red Casio Edifice
Casio edifice blue watch for men
Casio Edifice Blue

If you’re not a big fan of heavy metal watches, here are some sophisticated watches in Casio Edifice series with genuine leather straps to complement your professional look.

Casio analog watch for men
Classic Casio Edifice watch with complexities and leather strap.
casio edifice watch for men with blue dial and leather straps
A majestic watch with an impeccable combination of blue in the dial with fine complexities, it will always create an aura of itself on your wrist. Parts of the dial are inspired from the dashboard of a car, recognising your value for time and speed. (Model Number: EFR-552GL-2AVUDF (EX358))
Casio leather strap watch for men
Casio Leather Strap

Best Titan Watches for Men Under ₹10,000

Titan gold bezel watch for men

If there is something closely associated with luxury, it is none other than gold.

And this master timepiece in a handsome combination of gold and silver colour will bring the opulence on your wrist.

Titan, as a leader in the domestic watch market, has paid careful attention in knowing the needs of an Indian man. As a result, this best watch for men checks on most of the boxes.

The 44 mm wide and 10 mm round case of the watch features mineral glass on the top. The chronograph display of the watch is powered by quartz movement on a silver dial and gold hands.

The three stopwatch subdials in black colour complete the aesthetics of the watch.

Get ready to get compliments after gifting this handsome timepiece to your loved one. Or after putting it on your own wrist.

Model Number: NK9308BM01

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If you are looking for similar Titan watches with metal strap and gold bezels, here are few other options in the price range:

Titan Octane silver and gold watch
Titan Octane
best watches for men under 1000 from Titan
Titan Octane Black

If you don’t prefer the weight of all-metal build, here are some more options from Titan with leather straps and slim build to get under your sleeve:

Titan Orion Watch for Men in India
If you have a small to mid-size wrist and don’t want to miss an elegant watch, you should consider Titan Orion Men’s Watch (Model Number: NL1487YL01). The 39mm brass case with brown leather strap creates a soothing visual on the wrist. Moreover, the roman numerals add charm to the timeless aesthetics. On top of all these, this Titan watch for men is on the affordable side of the price band.
Titan Octane Chronograph big dial
True to the Titan heritage of excellent design and craftsmanship, this Titan Octane series watch (Model Number: NL9322WL01) will not disappoint you with its performance or looks. The smaller bezel in shades of copper gives a sense of large dial and accommodates multiple peripheries.
Titan Classsique Series Watch for Men
A contemporary watch from the house of Titan to meet your aesthetic needs. The white dial, sans serif numerals, slim hands, and stick marking makes the design ageless. You’ll love to flaunt it on your wrist every time you will wear it as it will always receive words of appreciation from people around you.

Armani Exchange Watches Under ₹10000

armani exchange watch under 6000

Armani Exchange, the brand synonymous with young fashion-forward spirit, has a fine collection of men’s watches under ₹10,000.

This particular watch (Model Number: AX2100) from Armani Exchange is for professionals who do not wish to have a blaring wristwatch. 

The off white dial in the round case speaks for itself in subtle ways. 

Center of the dial features a square block pattern surrounded by minute markers. 

On the periphery, there are metallic block hour markers. 

Black stick marking for minutes covers these silver-tone hour markers.

Armani Exchange branding goes through the middle of the dial and ends with a date window.

To get under your cuff, the stainless steel case has slim dimensions. 

On top of all these, the watch is priced towards the lower end of the price band in comparison to most of the peers.

Summing up, if you are looking for a men’s wristwatch under 10000 to go in-hand with your formal dress, this Armani Exchange can be a pretty good choice. 

Buy it now and flaunt your subtle tastes.

Model Number: AX2100

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Other watches offered by Armani Exchange which you can consider:

blue armani exchange under 10000
If you do not want the off white dial, here is a more majestic option in the form of blue dial. (Model Number: AX2133)
armani exchange watch for men with metal straps
 And if you do not want a leather strap, here is a strong metallic option. (Model Number: AX2132)
armani exchange minimalist dial watch
A minimalist option, if you do not prefer to have complications and layers of design in your wristwatch. The black dial has metallic hour markers and hands in silver-tone to complement the stainless steel case. The black leather straps surrounding the case complements the dial. (Model Number: AX2703)

Best Automatic Watch for Men in India: Seiko 5

Seiko automatic watch for men under 10000

If you have paid close attention to this compilation of best watches under 10000 for men, you must have missed a brand. A brand which is historic. A brand which is known for innovation, precision and accuracy. The brand which made Japanese movement famous across the globe. It is one of the few brands which is instantly recognised by watch enthusiasts.

Say hello to one of the sexiest watches in the glorious navy dial. The reflecting navy colour is what makes it an attention grabber and a top choice among other thousand watches.

Silver coloured hands and time markers on a dark background gives great display without any hassle. Moreover, it has also accommodated an automatic date and day display at the 3 o’clock marker.

Unlike the other watches in this compilation, this watch uses Seiko’s own trademarked Hardlex glass.

What makes this watch more special is that it is the only automatic watch featured in this guide. You can see the movements of the watch from the transparent back panel. In addition, the 118-gram weight feels light on the wrist.

Summing it up, it is one of the few watches in this price range which brings luxuriousness on the top.

Model Number: SNKA05K1

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best silver white watch
Seiko Silver White

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Best Digital Watch for Men in under ₹10000: G-Shock Analog Digital Watch

G-Shock's digital watch for men in India

What if we tell you, you can control the functions of your smartphone with the watch in your hand?

Meet this super-stylish Analog Digital Watch for Men from G-Shock. The array of useful functions it features include auto calendar, world time, alarm, and stopwatch among others. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity is a boon to music lovers. 

The resin band in black colour along with black case gives a rough and tough look. In the black case, the watch has a gold colour hands for showing the time in analogue. 

What’s more surprising? Even with the Bluetooth connectivity and digital display of time, the battery is not required on a daily or weekly basis. Under normal usage, it will last up to 2 years.

Model Number: GBA-400-1A9DR (G557)

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G-Shock Camouflage (sports)

Special: If you’re a fan of camouflage products, you can check out this amazing watch from G-Shock.

g shock green dial analogue digital
Another handsome watch with strong resin build and camouflage prints. It has all the standard characteristics of G-Shock watch. Therefore, you do not have to worry on the performance and safety front.

Other than the featured watch, G-Shock has large collection of digital and analog-digital watches. Here are some of most popular watches under ₹10000:

casio g-shock bike inspired watch for men
A strongly built G-Shock watch inspired by the components of a bike. The periphery of the dial resembles the disc brake of a bike whereas the connection point of the hands is configured in a way to look like gears. Moreover, the inclusion of all the standard features of G-Shock makes it a great choice for a man who loves to explore the world on his bike. (Model Number: GA-120-1ADR (G346))
casio g-shock with unique hands
A classic G-Shock watch portraying power and strength. The raised hands with rings on them create a unique character in the dial which is supported by red circumference on the bezel. On top of this, the 35mm face makes it comfortable on anyone’s wrist. (Model Number: GA-100-1A4DR (G272))
best watch for men under 10000 from G-Shock
This particular watch combines the sturdiness of a G-Shock watch with the technology of fitness watches. It can track steps taken and sync the data to your smartphone with Bluetooth.
G-Shock Digital Watch
G-Shock Analogue Digital Watch
red watch under 10000 for men
Casio G-Shock Red Watch

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Skagen Denmark Watches for Men Under ₹10000

Skagen Aaren (Unicolour Watches)

Skagen aaren red watch

If you are looking for some funkiness on your wrist, Skagen has some lively options worth checking.

The slim hands on the red dial characterise the ‘pure and beautiful’ design of this Skagen Aaren watch.

The same colour silicone band takes the overall aesthetics of the watch to the next level. Moreover, the silicon band is rare in analogue wristwatches of this price range.

On top of all this, it is affordable in comparison to other urban watches from Swiss brands.

Finally, people with smaller wrists will be delighted to have this Skagen watch on their wrist. The case thickness is 9mm and width for various colour options (more information below) vary from 36mm to 41mm. 

Model Number: SKW6512

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If you do not happen to like the catchy red option, here is a more sophisticated  blue variant of the same watch.

skagen minimalist blue dial watch for men
A calming blue variant of Skagen Aaren. (Model Number: SKW6508)

And if you want a more classic colour, it also has a black colour variant with  the same ‘pure and beautiful’ design.

skagen classic black dial watch for men
Black and beautiful (Model Number: SKW6544)

View all colour variants

Skagen Dress Watch

skagen watch for men with mesh steel strap

True to the Skagen DNA of minimalism, this ‘warm spirit’ watch has black sans-serif Arabic hour numerals on the top of a clean and clear white dial.

The only exception to the overall black and white pallet on the dial is the orange second hand. The bright colour gives a freshness to the overall look of the dial.

The stainless steel case is held together by a 23mm mesh stainless steel strap, a break from the regular oyster and president strap types.

Summing up, if you are looking for a casual purpose watch under ₹10,000 in the range of ₹6000, this wristwatch from Skagen is a pretty obvious choice.

Model Number: SKW6025

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If you want a leather strap with the same design, a similar watch is available. Instead of the orange second hand, it  has blue.

skagen watch with leather strap
Skagen Analogue Watch (Model Number: SKW6082)

Citizen Watches

citizen eco drive watch - white

Japanese watches have been traditionally associated with the history of fine watchmaking and innovation.

Citizen is one of the torch bearers with a fine collection of watch mechanisms powered by light. These light (both natural and artificial) powered quartz watches, referred to as ‘eco-drive’ watches, were revolutionary in comparison to cell powered quartz watches.

This particular ‘eco-drive’ watch has an elegant look thanks to the vintage touch. 

It has light white dial and black arabic numerals on it, surrounded by stick markings on the periphery.

All these are accommodated in a 40.5mm wide polished case made from stainless steel.

The entire 47 gram build includes a leather strap with metallic accessories on it.

Summing up, if you’re looking for a vintage touch on your wrist by being environment friendly, nothing gets better than this watch at the price point.

Model Number: BJ6501-28A 

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citizen dress watch for wen - black dial
Not a fan of the light variant? Here is the dark variant of the same watch:
best watches for men from Citizen
If you want to enjoy the benefits of solar watch in a strong metallic build, here is a fantastic option for you:

Timex Watch for Men Under ₹10000

Timex Automatic Watch white blue

Marketed with the tagline “Vintage style for the modern man”, this automatic dress watch from Timex is a rare find in the affordable budget segment. 

The 44mm wide case is made from brass. The interior boundary of the case is lined up with white roman numeral hour markers on black background. This creates a sophisticated look thanks to the curved glass on the top.

The beautiful leaf hands of the watch, which complements the bezel, doesn’t go unnoticed.

Summing up, starting from the skeleton dial which allows you to peek inside the watch to the brown leather band, everything in this watch has a capacity to hold the attention of onlookers to your wrist.

Model Number: TWEG16704

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Best Diver Watch for Men Under ₹10,000: Invicta Pro Diver

best diving watch for men in India- Invita Pro Diver

When we are talking about the best men’s watches under ₹10,000, how we can forget about the bold pro diver range from Invicta.

To be honest, there is nothing to complain about in this hunky watch for men. Right from 40mm stainless steel case in a luxury blue colour to 20mm multi-colour band with fold-over clasp with safety closure, everything seems to be in latent coordination.

The weight of the watch makes it tightly lie on your wrist as well as emphasizing your bold and strong personality.

The gold-coloured bezel circumference complements hour and minute markers on the bezel as well as inside the dial.

The dial also has Invicta’s standard three-hand movement. All the three hands have a different appearance, which glues the eyes of onlookers on the watch.

It’s USP, the 20ATM water-resistant makes it stand out among peers.

Buy this automatic watch to show your unique taste for watches.

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Similar men’s watches under 10000 from Invicta

invicta pro diver watch with black and gold dial
A catchy combination of black and gold.

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Special Mention

best watches for men under 10000 swiss made
Wenger Swiss Watch

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Is there any watch which you think missed from being part of this informative guide on “best watches for men under 10000”? Without any hesitation, please mention it in the comment box.

What should you do after receiving one of these best watches for men under 10000?

First of all, remove the plastic on the watch crown (the cylinder-like button used for setting the time) to start it. Set up the time and day and date (if required).

Make sure the watch doesn’t have any defects in the form of colour, dial, strap, time markers and so forth. If there is any defect click a picture at earliest and report it and ask for a replacement. 

Put it around the wrist and check on the size of the watch strap. If it is big, go to the local watchmaker to get it optimised for your wrist size. Doing it on your own may accidentally break up the strap.

Most of the brands support registration of the purchased watch on their official website. So after ensuring that the watch is error-free, register it on the official website of the company for hassle-free experience during warranty or replacement of the watch due to any reason.

Lastly, write a review. After using it for a couple of weeks, write your experience about the watch on the online marketplace as well as on our website. This will help other people to make a smart decision.

If the watch starts working improperly, don’t panic. Check whether it is in the warranty period from the date of purchase. Call customer care and visit the nearest authentic store to get it fixed.

Why do we think you should go with one of these watches?

Our surety for these watches come from the selection process. These best watches for men under 10000 are the refined choice from thousands of available options on online stores.

We took utmost caution and precise selection criteria to make this compilation as we know that selecting a wrong watch will not only cost you money but will also question your style quotient. This underrated style quotient speaks before you whenever you meet somebody.

Authenticity for this guide comes from the watch brands it features. The array of watch brands for men featured in this guide include Fossil, Casio, Titan, G-Shock by Casio, and Seiko.

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