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The 5 Best Smartwatches Under ₹15000 in India

Welcome to the ultimate guide to best smartwatches under ₹15000 in India.

These smartwatches under ₹15000 are from top brands, i.e., you will not have to worry about their performance.

These featured smartwatches for men and women will keep you updated on essential matrices related to your health.

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Apart from sharing statistics about your physical activities, these best smartwatches are useful tech gadgets.

They help in simplifying your life by telling who’s calling, current weather, notifications, and so forth without taking out the smartphone from your pocket.

So, let us get started on these comprehensive guide to best smartwatches in India under rupees 15000.

Huawei’s Best Smartwatches in India Under ₹15000

Huawei GT Sports 2

best smartwatch under 15000 - Huawei GT Sports 2

The latest generation Huawei smartwatch is a perfect smartwatch you can ask in the under 15000 range.

Starting from the 1.39-inch AMOLED colour screen to a super long battery that can last for a couple of weeks on standard usage, everything in this smartwatch is above standards.

Compatible with both Android and iOS, it connects with your smartphone on Bluetooth 5.1.

Talking about tracking health, the most important metric is heart rate. This Huawei GT Sports 2 smartwatch in India can track heart rate in various modes that include resting heart rate, single heart rate, and continuous heart rate.

In addition, the SpO2 monitor can check the oxygen level in your blood. This metric could be important to note after doing physical activities.

Huawei GT Sports 2 side profile

The Kirin A1 chip system enables it to do more with less power consumption. The inbuilt GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning makes it accurate in tracking the distance covered.

Another special feature is Firstbeat running guidance, which helps you run in a smart way like professionals.

Apart from these outstanding hardware configurations, the smartwatch has next-level software algorithms.

The Huawei TruSleep algorithm for detecting sleeping patterns and advance power-saving mode are software highlights.  The advance power-saving mode detects whether the smartwatch is worn or not and turns on power saving mode based on it.

In short, it is a value unlocked smartwatch at the price tag and you should definitely shortlist it by bookmarking the product page or adding it to the cart.

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Huawei GT Sports 2e

Huawei GT Sports 2e

If you do not have the budget to buy the full-fledged Huawei GT Sports 2, here is a more affordable option in the form of GT Sports 2e.

The 46mm metallic case and rubber straps are available in three colour options, i.e., black, green, and red. You can further customise the smartwatch with the inbuilt 15 watch faces. If these watch faces are not enough for you, you can download extra watch faces from the official app.

The 1.36 AMOLED HD screen brings these colourful watch faces to life.

The different heart rate tracking modes, SpO2 blood monitoring, Huawei TruRelax (for measuring stress levels), 15 professional workout modes, and 85 custom workout modes make it a true health and fitness companion.

Apart from these health and fitness features, the Kirin A1 chipset, ALS ambient light monitoring, and notifications for calls, SMS, email, and social media apps make it a useful tech gadget.

The inbuilt storage allows you to store music on the smartwatch itself as well gives you control over the smartphone’s music player.

Utility apps like weather, compass, stopwatch, timer, torch, and alarm can come handy at times.

In short, this affordable version of the GT 2 is a marvellous wearable in itself.

Grab it now to make your wrist smart.

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best smartwatch in India under 15000

If you need more affordable version, here is the Huawei GT Sports, the predecessor of the GT Sports 2.

Prominent features and specifications include a two weeks battery, slim watch design, multi-sports mode for tracking your activities, smart heart rate sensor, and TruSleep.

In short, with sporty looks and health tracker inside, it can also be a smart choice.

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Don’t have a budget of Rupees 15000? You can read this guide: The Best Smartwatches Under ₹5000 in India

Fitbit Versa 2

the best smartwatch in India for fitness - fitbit versa 2

Fitbit is a global wearable brand known for delivering superior quality smartwatches at the most affordable price tags.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is no different. Its popularity and performance goodness is evident from its high ranks and ratings on online market places.

Before moving out on the hardware and software specification, let us briefly talk about its outstanding looks.

The curved screen in a slim metallic case makes it a delight to watch and will surely make the onlookers appreciate its beauty. Moreover, the six colour options make it easy to fit with your personality.

the best smartwatch for women under 15000
Smartwatch for women. View All Watches for Women

The rubber band and square case make it convenient to wear on wrist of any size.

As a global fitness watch, it does include all the standard features and sensors. Few of the prominent trackers it has are heart rate, sleep (on different levels like light and deep), swim, and exercise. You can make activities more engaging by setting goals for yourself.

The headline feature is the built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistance that can simplify your life with routine tasks like quick replies to notifications, getting nearby information, and so forth.

The lithium battery can last for about five days.

Control for some of your favourite apps including Spotify makes your wrist a mini smartphone.

Fitbit Versa 2 mist grey colour

Summing up, the Fitbit Versa will put your health first and utilises the latest consumer technology to make your wrist a tech centre.

Buy it now and join millions of people who are wearing it every day to make most of their wrist.

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Honor Magic Smartwatch

honor magic watch 2 side profile

One of the common issues with affordable smartwatches is that they only notify you about incoming calls. They do not allow the wearer to receive calls on the smartwatch itself.

Honor Magic 2 is not like others. It not only allows call receiving with the inbuilt speaker but also allows making calls from the wrist itself.

Furthermore, the 4GB internal storage and Huawei’s proprietary Kirin A1 chipset makes it a mini smartphone with 1.39-inch full touch AMOLED screen and aero metallic build. Moreover, you can store your favourite songs on the smartwatch itself thanks to the internal storage.

For customisation, it gives ample options with inbuilt and downloadable watch faces. If you want to customise the watch face, it gives you the liberty to make custom watch faces with pictures from your smartphone.

On the health and fitness front, the headline feature is 24-hour stress tracking. The Sp02 monitor automatically detects oxygen saturation level in your wrist’s bloodstream.

For fitness enthusiasts, it gives voice-over guidance for 15 fitness modes. This will enable you to achieve your fitness goals more effectively by professionally doing activities.

When these superior hardware components combine with the powerful companion app for Android and iOS, you get the ultimate health and fitness analytics.

Summing up, it truly deserves to be among the best smartwatches in India under ₹15000.

Buy the Honor Magic 2 smartwatch and scientifically achieve your fitness goals.

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Titan’s Best Smartwatch in India Under ₹15000: Connected X

titan connected x jet black

We all have been waiting for a full-fledge smartwatch from Titan, one of the most popular watch brands in India.

Here they are with the Titan Connected X, a full touch smartwatch that promises ‘a contemporary stylish look on the go’.

Unique Combination of Analogue and Smartwatch

One of the major USP of this smartwatch is its analogue hands.

Yes, you read that right.

On the top of the full touch 1.2” display, it has analogue hands.

You can customise the dial with various watch faces available inbuilt as well as on the Titan Connected X app for android and iOS.

Further, if you happen to dislike all of the watch faces, you can set watch face of a photo from your phone gallery.

So, if you are fed with those technology-focused digital looks, the Connected X should be your priority.

You can also customise the overall look of the smartwatch for yourself. It is available in three colours variants and two band types. Colours include copper brown, jet-black, and khaki green and band types include silicon PU and metallic mesh strap.

Battery Life

Second major USP is battery life. If you continuously synchronize the tracking data collected by the smartwatch to your phone, you get a battery life of about 3 days.

However, if you are on some kind of travelling and sporting activity, where you need higher battery life, it has a special surprise.

After these three days of smart battery life, it can still show you time and track your activities in its memory for about 30 days.

Yes, you again read that right.

A 30 days battery life on a smartwatch with tracking of all of your activities.

The only thing you will not be able to do is synchronise the tracking data between your smartwatch and phone until you charge it again.

In short, these two battery modes can saviour for people who went on a trip but forget to carry the charger or at a remote place where you cannot access the electricity.

On the health front, it can do all the standard jobs like tracking your heart rate, sleep, distance covered, calorie burned and so forth.

Titan Connected X App

When you connect it to the Titan Connected X app on smartphone, you get access to some auxiliary features. The list includes leaderboard to compete with your friends, notifications and alerts for calls, social media, calendar and custom events, sedentary alert to prompt you for a walk when you are inactive for a longer period, weather and forecasting, camera control, and music control.

On the physical specifications side, it has 30M water-resistance, stainless steel case diameter and thickness at 48mm and 14.6mm respectively, and weight of about 100 grams.

In short, if you are looking for a sophisticated watch which has an elegance of classic watch and technology of modern smartwatches, nothing gets better than Titan Connected X.

Summing up, the hardware and software capabilities makes it one best smartwatches under ₹15000 in India.

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Bonus Tips

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If you have a budget of more or less than, check out our complete guide to best smartwatches in India. The comprehensive guide features smartwatches from as low as ₹4000 to as high as ₹50,000.

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