The 5 Best Smartwatches Under ₹5000 in India: A 2021 Buying Guide

Welcome to the most comprehensive guide to the best smartwatches under ₹5000 in India.

These smartwatches priced below rupees 5000 are perfect for those who want to improve their health and fitness on a tight budget.

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In this comprehensive guide, we have included two types of smartwatches.

First, the bestselling smartwatches, which have a proven track record in India. Second, the latest smartwatches launched in recent times. The combination of versatile and latest smartwatches make this list unique.

Apart from helping you in achieving health goals, these smartwatches are fine technology products. Moreover, they come from industry-leading wearable brands.

Thus, they will also help you in simplifying your smartphone life by giving some of the essential information and tools on your wrist.

So, let us dive in into this detailed guide on health and technology smartwatches.

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Noise ColorFit Pro 2

best smartwatch under rupees 5000 in India - Noise ColorFir Pro 2

When you look on the Noise ColorFit Pro 2 for the first time, you get premium vibes. In other words, it will get appreciation from people around you.

The plastic build of the smartwatch is water-resistant. The flexible rubber band is skin-friendly.

Apart from the smartwatch and strap, the well-packaged box also includes the magnetic charging dock.

On the back of the case is magnetic heart rate sensor. You can measure your heart rate in two modes: automatic (every 30 minutes) and manual.

By long tapping on the home screen, you get the option to change the watch face. It has a couple of watch faces similar to the Apple Watch, which add feathers to its premium look.

For longer battery life, the smartwatch wakes ups on the wearer’s wrist movement and goes to sleep mode when idle.

On optimal usage pattern, the battery can last for ten days.

Moreover, you can enable notifications for your favourite apps and call. This way, you can read notifications without taking out the phone.

In short, it is a perfect budget-oriented smartwatch in India.

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The Best Smartwatch Under ₹4000: AmazFit Bip U

best AmazFit smartwatch in India

The bestselling AmazFit Bip U is one of the most complete smartwatches under ₹4000 in India. We are saying so because it packs the industry-standard features at one of the most affordable price tags for wearables.

Among the list of industry-standard features, the prominent ones are the SpO2 monitor, heart rate sensor, stress monitor, support for more than sixty exercises, and breathing guide.

The SpO2 monitor checks the oxygen saturation level in bloodstreams. It is an important metric to check after doing exercises.

On the technology front, curved glass has 1.43” HD colour display. This bright and colourful display bring the more than fifty watch faces to their life.

It gives smart notifications for calls, SMS, calendar entries, and so forth. It also gives you control for the smartphone’s camera and music on your wrist.

Finally, this handsome smartwatch is available in three colour variants. The variants are black, green, and pink. You can pick one according to your personal preferences. Moreover, it is easy to detach and replace the straps from the open market.

Summing up, the lightweight AmazFit Bip U has everything you can ask from a smartwatch priced under ₹4000. Moreover, you should not miss this opportunity to grab and adorn it on your wrist.

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Noise Fit Evolve

NoiseFit Evolve smartwatch affordable India sports watch

Most of the smartwatches under ₹5000 come in a square case, but Noise Fit Evolve is different due to the circular case. Therefore, it feels more like a traditional analogue watch.

Besides, beautiful analogue oriented watch faces make it perfect for every kind of occasion. You can wear it in an interview to weekend party to a marriage ceremony.

The beautiful watch faces get more charming on the 1.2” AMOLED screen. An aluminium case surrounds the screen. On the bezels, the watch has tachymeter that can be helpful to sprint runners in calculating the speed of the run.

The sleep tracking and dedicated monitoring for nine sports make it a complete health package.

It also gives the option to measure heart rate in either automatic (every 10 minutes) or manual mode.

When used as an analogue watch, the battery on this smartwatch can last for up to ten days.

The IP68 rating makes it water-resistant.

The Bluetooth connection gives you the liberty to control the smartphone’s camera and music.

For personalization, it is available in four colour variants. The list of variants include dusk blue, slate black, and blush pink. Moreover, you can easily swap the smartwatch’s strap according to your dress on a particular day.

What are you waiting for? Buy it and flaunt your fitness and sports enthusiasm stylishly.

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AmazFit Bip Lite

best smartwatch under 5000

The matt black Bip Lite from AmazFit is the perfect fit for an entry-level smartwatch. It packs the fundamental features at a jaw-dropping price tag.

The rubber-like strap made of silicone is smooth, body-friendly, and flexible.

On the top of polycarbonate-plastic 42mm case, resides a 2.5D curved corning glass 3 with anti-fingerprint coating.

Beneath the glass lies a 1.28 inch, 176×176 pixel, always on reflective display, which gives clear readability even in the outdoors.

Amazing Battery Life

AmazFit bip lite in hand of man

When most of the smartwatches struggle to last for a day or two, this super lightweight smartwatch (only 32 grams including the strap) has long battery life. It can last for 45 days on standard usage, 120 days on (~4months) standby and approximately 20 days on active usage.

For the long battery life, it uses an 8-colour TFT display. Due to this, you will have to compromise on the colours, as they are not punchy, but the mammoth battery life will not make you regret it.

A 200mA lithium polymer battery powers this long battery life, which takes about 2.5 hours to get fully charged.

On the back of the smartwatch are heart rate sensor and charging point.

Talking about the most important fitness-related features, it can track activities like outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, and walking.

Mi Fit app synchronizes the data of these activities to your Android or iOS device. 

It has ten inbuilt watches faces. If you need more, they are available in the app.

As you would expect, the touch is not as smooth as the one in smartwatches from top brands.  However, it performs decently for the affordable price tag.

Due to the unavailability of mic and speaker, it only vibrates on new notifications and calls.

As of now, you cannot reply to a notification from the smartwatch itself. Another cool feature, which can be useful, is ‘Find My Device’. It helps you in locating the device when you cannot find it.

Other than this, it has standard features like timer and stopwatch, alarm, weather and so forth.

To sum up, if you want to confine to the budget of under ₹5,000, you can buy this bestselling smartwatch.

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Noise ColorFit NAV

Noise ColorFit smartwatch with GPS under 5000

Here we end our comprehensive list of best smartwatches under ₹5000 with Noise ColorFit NAV.

Launched in the summer of 2020, it is one of most promising smartwatch out there.

When most of the smartwatches in the budget segment use smartphone’s GPS, it has an inbuilt GPS for accurate tracking.

When the inbuilt GPS combine with six axis sensors, you get one of the most reliable information about steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned.

Of course, as an industry standard, it tracks your heart rate and sleep quality at different intensities.

The IP68 water-resistance makes it secure from splashes of water and dust on the road.

Coming in the Noise’s standard square case with curved glass on top, it has a large 1.4-inch LCD screen with full touch and swipe controls.

On the side, it has two physical buttons. One for navigation while another one for display on/off.

It does not give you an option to make or receive calls but does give smart notifications for calls and messages.

Moreover, it gives an alert to wash your hands and take deep breaths at a set time interval. These alerts can be very helpful in current times.

Apart from the option to choose from two colour variants, you can personalise it by easily replacing the strap and downloading one of the many watch faces available on the Android (4.4+) and iOS (9.0+) app.

In short, it is a power-packed smartwatch with native GPS and bright screen. You cannot neglect it when considering the best smartwatches under ₹5000 in India.

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What to expect from a smartwatch priced under ₹5000 in India?

There are few things which you need to keep in mind while purchasing a smartwatch under ₹5000 in India. If you do not keep them in mind, you might get a smartwatch, which actually may not be ‘smart’.

  1. The smartwatch is expected to have heart rate sensor and sleep tracking apart from standard fitness features like distance covered, steps taken, calories burned, active time, and so forth. Presence of the SpO2 monitor can be a cherry on the cake.
  2. We can expect a smartwatch priced under ₹5000 to last for a couple of days. Smartwatches with very bright colours give a lower battery life than TFT screens.
  3. Smartwatches priced under ₹5000 do not have inbuilt mic and speaker. Therefore, they can only give you a notification and at most the ability to decline a call.
  4. The best smartwatches under ₹5000 in India support tracking for essential activities like indoor running and cycling, outdoor cycling and running, and badminton. If you specialise in a particular sport, please check whether it is available in the list of supported activities.
  5. Smartwatches priced below rupees 5000 have a plastic case and rubber straps. Moreover, some of them can be water and dust resistant. If your job or activity routinely involves water, please check for water resistance rating.

If you want to share some information or have any query, do not forget to drop a comment below. We will respond at the earliest.

If you want to share some information or have any query, do not forget to drop a comment below. We will respond at the earliest.

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