The Best Watches for Women in India: A Definitive Guide for 2021

When we talk about fashion and trends, we cannot forget accessories. When it comes to accessories, wristwatches always ace the race by creating a masterstroke of your style sense. Here, with this guide, we bring the ultimate list of best watches for women in India.

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It will help all the beauties, who strive to achieve their perfect look.

Traditionally, men used to wear watches for formal and semi-formal occasions.

However, today in the 21st-century watches carry no such boundaries of occasion and gender. Moreover, they are now appreciated as a sign of class and elegance rather than being just a timepiece.

Marvellous watches for women truly catch the eye with their delicate intricacies and arresting features. They tend to complete your attire with simplicity and sophistication in the most subtle way. Therefore, a stock of exceptional watches in the closet is a must for every women.

But, the problem lies in the fact that it takes plenty of time and effort to find a striking watch.

To bring a solution to this, we handpicked this collection from thousands of watches for women, which are available online.

Moreover, the entire collection in this guide to best watches for women in India has watches of various price points. This will enable you to pick your next watch in your budget more conveniently.

Before diving into this precise collection of best watches for women, it is necessary to mention the basic premises considered. They are minimalism, style, and affordability.

So let us dive in…

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Best Fossil Watch in India for Women Under ₹10000

Fossil rose gold watch for women in India

When we hear Fossil, we hear an amazing blend of creativity, style, and quality. Here we present a classic luxury watch from Fossil which can make your presence enchanting on any occasion.

Talking about the dial, it has a fine mixture of elegance and glitter.

The rose gold hands and marking on a similar-tone dial gives it unmatchable feminine flair.

In short, the jewellery-like slim case can make you fall in love with it on the very first glimpse.

Metallic straps with studded crystals make it an opulent choice for weddings, events, and gifts.

Model Number: ES4301

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best Fossil watch for women in India

Next in the line is this heavenly watch from Fossil. The eye-catching dial and attractive straps make everyone fall love in love with its magnificent looks .

One of the prominent elements of the dial is the embossed criss-cross pattern in pearl white behind the hour marking.

Next to it towards the centre are two sub-dials at 3 and 9 for date and day respectively. The bezel accommodates eye-catching crystals, which are enough to validate its magnificence.

best Fossil watch for women in India side profile

The 35mm (diameter) x 9mm (height) case is held together by a beige-coloured strap which intensifies the overall look of the watch. It is made from nude (aka raw) leather, which gets better over time.

Summing up, if you need glam addition to your occasion outfit, nothing will get better than this Fossil watch for women.

Model Number: ES4393

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Alternative watches for women in the price range

Fossil Jacqueline Watch for Women Under 10000
Best Chronograph Watch for Girls in India Fossil Stella

Best Watches for Women Under 5000

best watches for girls under 5000 in India

What is your need? Are you looking for a style statement? Or do you want to stick to a classic look? Casio has the right piece, which is a fine mixture of a bold style statement and a classic look in the form of this analogue watch for women in the Enticer collection.

The gorgeous lamé-sprinkled dial and rose gold ion-plated stainless steel band makes it a perfect choice for the women whose style is not much frilly and gaudy.

best casio enticer watch for women side profile

Moreover, when you get up close, you will be able to see the slightly shimmery silver colour in the dial. Furthermore, it has a stylish spokes pattern in the middle of the dial that can steal the heart of any onlooker.

Talking more about its specifications and features, it comes with a mineral glass for an unusual hardness, day and date indicating dials, water-resistance up to 50 meters, quartz movement to indicate the accurate time and adding a cherry on the top is the 2-year domestic warranty.

As you know, with the excellent looks, features and superior build quality it comes under the budget of ₹5000.

Our verdict: Do not miss this absolute stunner piece if you can afford it.

Model Number: LTP-2087RG-7AVDF (A902)

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Alternative watch you can check in the price range is

best silver tone watch for women
Best Giordano Watch for College Girls in India

Best Watches for Women Under 3000

best watches for women under 3000

We all know Timex is a legend in delivering affordable watches. Today, Timex is synonymous with design, durability and performance.

This watch from the E-Class collection has a minimalistic yet elegant look thanks to the round metallic brown dial studded with stones at each hour marking. The simple rose gold stainless steel band complements this elegant look.

best Timex watch for women in India back profile

In addition, it has three sub-dials for day, date and 24-hour indication. Commenting on the add-on support, this Timex watch for women has water resistance depth of 30 meters, a warranty period of one year, and the trust of Timex.

Summing up, it will effortlessly become a stylish add on to your beautiful outfit.

Model Number: TW000X209

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Other watches you can see at this price point are

Timex analogue watch for women

Another gold-tone watch for women from the house of Timex. The mono-tone dial has fine printed patterns on the left-bottom. On moving the wrist, it shines and complements the gold personality of the watch.

The tightly knitted mesh pattern sit perfectly on the the wrist.

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best Casio Enticer watch for women
Titan Karishma Watch for Girls to Wear on Wedding

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Best Watches for Women Under 2500

best watches for girls in India from Fastrack

When we want to get a watch which is fashionable yet affordable, we turn to Fastrack.

This minimalist women’s watch from Fastrack doesn’t disappoint us with its edgy and cool statement.

In the minimalist dial, the small dose of orange brings life on a plain black background. The subtle stripe marking on the boundary with metallic hour markers forms a meticulous style on the dial.

Minimalist Fastrack watch for women side profile

Moving out of the brass case, the watch comes with a unique and sturdy stainless steel chain band which has a jewellery lock mechanism. When the perfectly sized, 39mm case will sit on your elegant wrist, the band will contribute to the overall minimalism of the watch.

How can we end the description of a Fastrack watch without mentioning its industry-standard features? Apart from the look, it has accurate quartz movement inside the case, mineral glass on top of the case, 30M water-resistance, and a 2-year domestic warranty. 

Model Number: NL6117SM01

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best watch for women under 2500 in India

Let us move forward in the list with another stunning timepiece. This Giordano watch for women will make you stand out in today’s glamorous world.

The pinch of gold in the form of borders of hour markers in the all-silver and sparkling watch brings a lavish finish.

The simple block-pattern stainless steel band gives it both strength and style, while the glittery dial takes the gracefulness to the next level. 

Moreover, the circular bezel studded with shining stones complements the luxurious impression.

best watches for girls from Giordano side profile

Talking apart from the look, this Giordano watch for girls has a 1-year manufacturing defect warranty, a 30 meters water-resistance capabilities and an accurate quartz movement beneath the dial. 

The colourful box in which the watch comes is ice on the cake.

In short, this watch with not a very big dial is a great choice to flaunt off a delicate look in western attire or at parties.

Model Number: A2068-11

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Timex pink dial watch for college girls in india

Fashion watches are for fashion divas who wish to create an inspiration for others through the accessories they carry.

This featured Timex Fashion women’s watch has a larger round case and leaner stainless steel strap.

Inside the 40mm case, it has quartz movement for accuracy in time and a subtle pink dial for creating a unique presence for you.

On top of the pink dial are three slim silver-toned hands. Next to watch hands is Timex branding.

Around the case, the periphery is in the form of minute stick marking with Arabic numerals at an interval of five. Surrounding the minute marking are square crystals for hour marking, which makes the dial stand out.

Summing up, if you are looking for larger dial watch to make a bold statement with your fashion accessories, this ladies watch in India can be a glorious choice.

Model Number: TW000X201

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Alternative watches for women in the price range

Beautiful Titan Raga Watch for Girl to wear on Occasions

Best Watches for Women Under 2000

best watch for women under 2000 India

One thing on which all of us can agree is that Titan never falls short in delivering a quality product at a competitive price.

Well, this watch for women is no different.

The overall minimalist design, gold bezel, beautiful prints on the dial and complementing hour markers make the watch a subtle-sophisticated accessory rather than just a timepiece which you will love to wear on every special occasion.

The three-piece sliding clasp strap makes sure the watch is stable on your wrist.

best titan watch for women side profile

Coming to the small size of the water-resistant dial, it goes well with delicate hands but is a big NO for girls who prefer to wear big bold dials.

As it is a Titan watch, you get excellent after-sales service with two years of manufacturing warranty.

Summing up, this watch is a nice bet to meet all the wrist accessory needs of a sophisticated lady.

Model Number: NL917BM01

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best Timex watch under 2000

Ladies, get ready to enthral the onlookers with this majestic watch from Timex.

Every element in this ladies watch from crystals in the periphery to the rose gold case to the pink leather strap, has a potential to catch the onlookers’ attention.

When these elements combine with the trust of Timex, you get the ultimate women’s watch, which is constantly present on the women’s bestsellers list.

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Best Watches for Teenage Girls Under 1500

best watch for teenage girl under 1500 in India

At this price point, we would like to introduce a dash of funkiness to the list. And what could be a better choice than a watch from Chumbak, the brand known for colourful dials which create an inimitable visual on your wrist?

This Chumbak classic analogue wristwatch is a subtle, casual and funky piece, an apt pick for the boho lovers. Red PU straps with sturdy matte finish surround the big 3.6cm golden dial.

best watches for girls in India from Chumbak

The cute colourful owl printed in the centre does all the magic for that feminine funky look.

What are you waiting for? Grab it now to have all the nice compliments about your unique fashion taste.

Model Number: 8907605025044

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Alternative watches for women in the price range

Best Fastrack Watch Under 1500 for Girls

Best Watches for Girls Under 1000

best watch for women under 1000 in India - Sonata

This one is from Sonata Fashion women’s collection.

It is a perfect pick for an urban woman. A glance look is very casual and subtle. The navy blue round dial has numeral markings at the third, sixth and twelfth-hour position. Also, the dots design on the dial gives it a unique look. Although the dial is in navy colour, the fibre straps come with a little contrast of dark purple shade.

Sonata fibre watch for women in India side profile

Surprisingly, at a reasonable price, they also manage to provide 30 meters water-resistant capabilities and 1-year manufacturer warranty.

All this makes it a grabbing deal, which you definitely don’t want to miss.

Model Number: NL8992PP02

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Alternative watches for women in the price range

IIK Analogue Watch for Girls

Best Watches for Women Under 500

best watches for girls in India under 500

The first one in the list is just a steal.

Cubia white dial analogue watch is like an all in one offer. Everything on this watch from the gorgeous drop-shape dial to the artificial Swarovski on the bezel is eye-catching. The beautiful flower design on the white dial deserves a special mention. Also, the glass on top makes it both water-resistant as well as sweat-resistant, which is an additional plus point.

best Cubia watch for women side profile

The metallic band of the watch has a simple buckle clasp.

It should not be surprising if we say it will look alluring on every woman’s wrist.

Model Number: 1224

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Alternative watches for women in the price range

DAMIT Watch Combo for Girls

Best Daniel Klein Watch for Girls in India

Daniel Klein Analog Dial Watch for Women

Daniel Klein stepped in the market just two decades back, but the reputation they have built for providing quality and stylish watches for women in such a short time is commendable. One of the primary reasons for developing such an amazing reputation is their commitment to “Fashion for Everyone”, which is their tagline.

This gorgeous Daniel Klein women’s watch with blue dial is an illustrative example of their superior craftsmanship and understanding of modern women’s taste.

Daniel Klein Women's Watch side profile

Starting from the glammy diamond stones studded at the hour markings to the amazing mirror cut detailing of the glass on the bezel to classic dauphine hands, this women’s watch has everything needed to steal hearts at a glance.

In short, it will be difficult for anyone to take eyes off from this simple, elegant yet glamorous watch. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to have it in your wardrobe at the earliest.

Model Number: DK11404-4

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The Best Watch Brands for Women in India

Over the years, wristwatches have become an important part of the overall appearance of women. 

From the daily office commute to attending those cocktail parties and events, wristwatches have become an all-new parameter to judge a woman’s preferences, tastes and overall fashion soundness in the context of where a particular design is being flaunted.

If you are a woman on the lookout for a brand new wristwatch to adorn your wrists, you have landed at the right place. 

We have compiled a list of some great wristwatch brands that provide an amazing combination of design, sturdy build and excellent appeal.

Have a look:

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Founded in the year 1946 by Tadao Kashio in Tokyo, Japan, Casio Computer Co, Limited is a Japanese electronic manufacturer and is one of the most prestigious watch companies in the world. The company has a strong portfolio of products that include calculators, cameras and yes, these are apart from their delightful range of wristwatches that focus a lot on being sporty.

G-Shock, Baby G, Youth and Vintage are some of Casio’s most celebrated product lines. Their Sheen collection is aimed exclusively at women, with a metal frame and a shiny, smooth and elegant appearance.

Casio wrist watches start from Rs.700 and go up to Rs.27,000(approximately).


First commencing its operations in the year 1984, Titan is one of the most common names in India for quality watches for everyone. 

For women too, Titan has never disappointed with absolutely scintillating formal designs, something that the company has been doing for years now.

With its headquarters in the city of Bangalore, it can be rightly said that Titan understands Indian women better than anyone else, which is a big reason behind its timeless and loyal customer base.

‘RAGA Facets’, ‘RAGA Cocktails’, ‘RAGA Viva’ and ‘Titan We’ are some of its watch lines that are aimed right at the modern Indian woman. Their Anne Klein collection is the latest addition to an already vast portfolio of great timekeeping products.

A Titan watch can set you back by anywhere between Rs.1,000 to about Rs.1,50,000!


A Titan sub-brand, Fastrack was first introduced in the year 1998 to target the younger generation with its casual watches. Today, it is a household name for quality and funky products for teenagers and young adults alike. 

With a number of its retail stores in the country, Fastrack completely resonates with the growing fashion trend in India, giving women a lot of choices in colour and design, all at pretty affordable costs.

Fastrack watches cost between ₹750 to about ₹6,000.


Now known as Timex Group USA, the company had its inception in the year of 1854 by the name of Waterbury Clock Company in Waterbury, Connecticut. 

It is one of the most valuable watch brands in the world and offers several exquisite options for women’s formal watches.

Timex wrist watches blend the sleek design philosophy from Italy with the tested and high quality of German engineering, resulting in timepieces that are sleek and enchanting. 

As far as India goes, it is the second most popular watch brand in the country and is known for its efficiency and durability.

The Timex range starts right from ₹500 and goes to ₹18,000 (approximation) per unit.


The luxury watches from Fossil bring in a delightful combination of features, styles and great designs, making it one of the best luxury watch brands in India. The company has countless options to choose from, and women can choose from a lot of different colours and styles and pick the one that best suits their personality.

They also have a smartwatch collection to track your routine day to day activities as well.

The brand was first founded in 1984 and is based in Richardson, Texas.

Daniel Wellington

A comparatively new brand founded in 2011 by Filip Tysender, the Swedish brand has become a favourite for a lot of young women around the world. 

The company also manufactures accessories like bracelets, rings and necklaces for both men and women.

All Daniel Wellington watches take a timeless and minimalistic approach in their designs, making it one of the best brand options for the fashion-loving women in India.


Founded in the year 2010 as a souvenir brand, Chumbak today is a lifestyle brand that has a global presence for its amazing collection of souvenirs and collectables that draw inspiration from the Indian way of life.

The women watch collection at Chumbak too, underlines this very philosophy and depicts a creative, confident, and positive Indian woman. 

The watches have sturdy and durable designs and boast of vibrant colours that are unique and completely indigenous.

In fact, it is the raw appeal of these Chumbak watches that make the company’s offerings not just affordable, but also one that is sure to make heads turn with their quirk.

Daniel Klein

Based in the city of Hong Kong, Daniel Klein is a pretty famous fashion watch brand that was first launched in the year 1973. The brand has become well-known to bring highly fashionable watches to people at considerably affordable prices.

If as a woman, you like to show off your bold and vibrant personality, then you cannot miss having a look at the Daniel Klein collection.

The casual watches from Daniel Klein range from ₹700 to about ₹2000 on an estimated value.


Now, the name might be Italian, but you will be surprised to know that this company is based in Hong Kong. Apart from their clothing collection for both men and women, 1981 established Giordano is renowned for some amazing timepieces for women.

Their design philosophy is to go for both simple and regal build at the same time. The end result is an exclusive and unique collection of watches that are stunning, and perfect for every occasion.

The options to choose from are plenty, and you will be spoilt for choice too, but getting a Giordano will be a great decision, undoubtedly.

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