The Best Watches for College Students in India: A 2021 Guide

This is the ultimate guide to the best watches for college students in India.

In this guide, you will read about popular wristwatches from top brands. They will help you in making your look stylish.

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The Best College Watches for Her

Fastrack College Watches

stylish Fastrack watch for ladies

Latest Fastrack models for girls carry the stylish heritage of the brand and tries to incorporate the latest trends from Fashion world.

This particular college watch under ₹2000, Fastrack Sunburn, has a pink and purple colour theme.

The gradient dial, encompassed in a silver-tone metallic bezel, has a circular radiant design.

The crystal embellishments at hour markers and silver-tone hands add glory to the charming watch face.

In addition, the pink leather band complete the overall look of the watch.

On top of this, it is 30M water resistance and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

In short, if you want to wear a magnificent watch , which catches the attention of everyone, nothing gets better than this lavish watch.

Grab it now!

Model Number: 6212SL01.

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Fastrack Rectangular Watch Under 2000

This rectangular watch can be a perfect choice for college girls, who wish to wear a classic build watch with cool design.

The smaller case and petite straps give it a natural feminine look. Therefore, it is a spontaneous gift option for college students.

The presence of blue in minute ring and branding makes it an apt choice for jeans outfit.

It will not weight heavier on your wrist even with the brass and stainless steel build of 37.5mm X 8.15mm.

In short, if you want a cool look in your formal or casual outfit, this lovely wristwatch can be a good addition.

Model Number: NL6121SM01

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best watch for women in India from Fastrack

When we want to get a watch which is fashionable yet affordable, we turn to Fastrack.

This minimalist women’s watch from Fastrack doesn’t disappoint us with its edgy and cool statement.

In the minimalist dial, the small dose of orange brings life on a plain black background. The subtle stripe marking on the boundary with metallic hour markers forms a meticulous style on the dial.

Moving out of the brass case, the watch comes with a unique and sturdy stainless steel chain band which has a jewellery lock mechanism. When the perfectly sized, 39mm case will sit on your elegant wrist, the band will contribute to the overall minimalism of the watch.

How can we end the description of a Fastrack watch without mentioning its industry-standard features? Apart from the look, it has accurate quartz movement inside the case, mineral glass on top of the case, 30M water-resistance, and a 2-year domestic warranty. 

Model Number: NL6117SM01

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Fastrack's most popular women watch

If you are a college student who is looking to get a nice wristwatch but is a little bound on the budget front, this Fastrack watch with an analog dial is one of the best watches for girls in India under the ₹2000.

It is built with durable stainless steel, that ensures that it is going to last for a long time.

The light pink dial and the complete silver watch profile does a lot to make it one of the best buys you can see around.

This watch also enjoys water resistance for up to a depth of 30 meters.

Don’t wait to get your hands on this one.

Model Number: 6150SM04

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Sonata College Watches

best Sonata watch for college girls in india

With the Sonata formal women’s watch, you can take your appetite for an all silver wrist piece up by quite a few notches.

This watch is simply timeless and boasts of a highly pleasing design that’s pretty easy on the eye.

To add to the soothing profile, the light pink dial with silver hands and number markers makes everything in this watch worth loving.

Being carved out of stainless steel has its advantages, and this brings in a high degree of durability that’s simply brilliant.

For a watch that is high on a unilateral silver-tone, no one does it better than Sonata.

Model Number: NL8138SM02

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Sonata Pankh Oval Watch for Women

To make a strong statement about your finer taste, you do not need a big bold watch.

A small watch with fine details and great build at an affordable price can do the job.

A part of Sonata Pankh collection, this beautiful women’s wristwatch has a stainless bracelet surrounding the oval case.

The case has a polished body and layers on the bezel.

The enchanting watch dial has a blue background and peacock feathers printed on it.

Next to the peacock feathers are stunning hour markers in the form of shining crystals.

In all, a stunning watch to grace your wrist.

Model Number: NM8085SM03

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Titan Watches

latest Titan watch for women in India

The Titan Neo watch with its signature black dial is an absolute delight.

The design of this wristwatch is simple yet elegant.

Titan was never a fan of too many cuts and creases and this one also sits tight on the same philosophy.

There is a simple band with a steel composed dial.

The black dial interiors and brown strap mix up well with the steel dial and makes this wristwatch a complete and highly attractive package, quite comprehensively.

Model Number: 2481SL12

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Chumbak Watch

best Chumbak watch under 2000 in India

We know it is very hard to find a gift wristwatch, which symbolises the friendship and love you share.

Therefore, we are including this bestie analogue watch from Chumbak.

Apart from the leather band and metallic case, its dial will make the receiver fall in love with it.

The cute cats printed in the middle of the dial makes it visually appealing for the go-to casual look.

Take your BFF goals to the next level by purchasing this beautiful women’s watch.

Model Number: 8904218059671

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Casio Watches

best Casio analogue watch for women

When you will wear this gorgeous women’s watch on your wrist, no one will be able to resist himself or herself from appreciating the beauty of this watch. On the other hand, when you will give a gift this watch , she will love to wear this special watch very often.

So, what makes this ladies watch from Casio special?

Starting from the light blue dial, every element of this women’s watch is loveable.  The golden hour markers and quartz hands catch your eye on the very first instance.

In addition, the dial has a day and date window, so you can update yourself in one glance without taking out your smartphone.

Outside the 30mm case, the watch has stainless steel straps. Moreover, we forgot to mention it is 50M water-resistance.

Summing up, this multi-purpose pick will uplift your look in both business suit and traditional attire. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to buy it.

Model Number: LTP-1335D-2AVDF (A1505)

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best square watch for women under 2000

This women’s digital watch has everything you can ask at an affordable price including multiple time zones, alarms, LED backlight, stopwatch, auto-calendar, and so forth.

On top, all these features come in a black-pink resin build. Therefore, you will not have to compromise on the style front with square case.

Moreover, its affordability in comparison to other peers mentioned in this ultimate women’s collection, makes it budget friendly.

The two-year manufacturer warranty and ten year battery makes the after-sales service hassle free.

What are you waiting for? Purchase it now for a powerful look on the wrist.

Model Number: 96H-4AVDF (D176)

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Timex Watch for College

Timex pink dial watch for college girls in india

Fashion watches are for fashion divas who wish to create an inspiration for others through the accessories they carry.

This featured Timex Fashion women’s watch has a larger round case and leaner stainless steel strap.

Inside the 40mm case, it has quartz movement for accuracy in time and a subtle pink dial for creating a unique presence for you.

On top of the pink dial are three slim silver-toned hands. Next to watch hands is Timex branding.

Around the case, the periphery is in the form of minute stick marking with Arabic numerals at an interval of five. Surrounding the minute marking are square crystals for hour marking, which makes the dial stand out.

Summing up, if you are looking for larger dial watch to make a bold statement with your fashion accessories, this ladies watch in India can be a glorious choice.

Model Number: TW000X201

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Gully by Timex

Gully by Timex affordable watch for girls

Taking the legacy of affordable wristwatches ahead is this Timex Gully watch.

The timepiece is pretty simple and minimal.

With a light pink strap and white dial, this particular watch comes across as one among the best watches for girls in India.

For female customers who prefer watches with small dials, this is the perfect option for them.

Make this highly affordable wristwatch a beautiful addition for yourself today!

Model Number: TW000U609

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Maxima Colourful Dial Watch

best Maxima watch for women in India under ₹2000

Women, if you are someone who wishes to have a colourful element in your formal outfit, this Maxima watch can be your choice.

When you will wear it on your wrist, it will get subtle attention from people around you.

In addition, the date window is a nice functional addition.

Moreover, the colourful dial makes it multi-purpose, i.e., you can wear it in both formal and casual settings like an outing with friends.

Summing up, the blending of the pink dial in a minimalistic design makes it a great option.

Model Number: O-46761CMLI

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The Best College Watches for Him

Casio Watch

stylish Casio Edifice watch for men under 2000

When we are talking about Casio Watches for Men Under Rs 2000, we have to start with this mesmerising watch.

The black dial has a fascinating big-size stick marking with Arabic numerals at 6, 9, and 12-hour positions. Keeping the consistency, designers kept the end of the minute and hour hands similar to the stick marking.

The half red-painted second hand gives a distinct look to the overall dial design.

The dial is kept in a round case with a mineral glass on the top.

Overall, the hands, marking, and additional lines in a metallic colour pallet make the dial unique from the rest of the watches featured in this guide.

The buckle clasp leather strap has a darker shade brown colour which goes well with metallic bezels of the watch.

The 45mm stainless steel case has water-resistance for a depth of about 50 meters.

And we just forget to mention it also has a square date window with white background and borders which feels a natural part of the dial.

In short, this Casio analogue watch for men under ₹2000 is a perfect choice for men who have a distinct choice.

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Fastrack Watch

Fastrack Fundamentals
Fastrack Fundamental Watch for Men with Metal Straps

An urban choice for young Indians, the Fastrack Fundamental watch is a style statement in itself.

22mm wide metallic straps hold the round brass case.

The blue dial has horizontal lines running through it. On top of these lines, are hour markers. Some of them are white, while others are blue.

The white hands with triangular ends complement the white hour positions.

And of course, how can we forget about 50M water-resistance and 24 months manufacturer warranty you get.

In short, what is holding you back? Buy it now and rock your look with this durable and stylish watch from Fastrack.

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Titan Watches

black dial watch for men from titan under rs 2000

Continuing the legacy of producing excellent watches, Titan presented this stainless steel watch.

The watch has a two-tone metallic strap and bezel. When tilted at different angles, this men’s watch shines.

On top of the case, the watch has a mineral glass.

Inside the case, the black dial has contrasting colour elements.

The lean hands add beauty to the clean dial. Subtle radiating patterns emerge in all four directions from the origin of hands.

These radiating patterns with a silver tone circular ring does not disappoint you.

In all, you and other onlookers will always appreciate its beauty.

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Sonata Yuva for Students

best watch for students under 1000

The students of India does not want to wear boring watches. They want to put fun on their wrist that adds to their style.

For the very purpose, we have this tempting Sonata Yuva watch with a fascinating colour combination.

The dark dial has white hour markers. The orange second hand and arrows at the hour position make the dial fun to watch.

The black-lined strap with clearly visible red stitching thread makes the watch more distinct.

Apart from these attractive looks, the watch also has standard specifications for the price range. The list of features includes 30M water-resistance, leather strap, mineral glass, and a slim case.

In short, if you are looking for an interesting watch that gets attention from friends around you, this Sonata watch is a solid choice.

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Timex Digital Watch for College

best digital watch for men under 5000 from Timex

We know it is very tough to find a rectangular digital watch which shares a sense of sportsmanship and roughness.

The Command from Timex hits this segment at the centre. It is a blue digital watch with a camouflage pattern on the bezels.

It is one of the best digital watches in India under 5000 for the host of features it accommodates. The list of features includes both audible and vibrating alarms, 24-hour countdown timer, special night mode, and a resin band among others.

The 100-hour stopwatch with lap and split times make it one of best chronograph watches under 5000.

On top of all this, 100m water-resistant depth will be a cherry on the cake.

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G-Shock Watch for College

g shock green dial analogue digital

Another handsome watch with strong resin build and camouflage prints.

It has all the standard characteristics of G-Shock watch.

Therefore, you do not have to worry on the performance and safety front.

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