The Best Watches for Women Under ₹2000: A 2021 Collection

Welcome to the ultimate collection of best watches for women under ₹2000.

These 65 affordable watches come from top wristwatch brands with stylish looks to make your presence more charming.

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This definitive guide to best women’s watches under ₹2000 features watches for different occasions.

Thus, it does not matter if you are looking for a watch to wear on your next big interview or your best friend’s wedding, we have got you covered.

So, let us get started!

The Best Sonata Watches for Women Under ₹2000

Latest Sonata Watches

best Sonata watch under rs 2000

Sonata, known for delivering quality watches for women at affordable prices, takes the game to next level with a attractive design in this watch.

The bright colours and convenient build makes it appealing to fashion divas.

The brass case with gold-tone bezel, hands and hour markers at multiples of three makes the first sight pleasing.

Lighter shade geometric patterns in the background complete the overall look of the watch. Also, they complement the bright and pop pink leather strap.

In short, this Splash collection women’s watch from Sonata is a perfect choice for women who have a unique taste and prefer to experiment in their outfit.

Model Number: NM87019YL02W

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latest Sonata watch - Zest orange

One of the latest offerings from Sonata, this Zesty Orange watch is a great option for someone vibrant and full of life.

The bright orange coloured strap is refreshing and it’s going to be pretty hard to miss it on your wrist.

The analog dial of this watch is round and cased in metal.

It is minimal yet classy, and complements the orange strap with its simplicity, making it a perfectly balanced timepiece for your wrist.

You cannot go wrong with this trending wristwatch.

Model Number: 87019SL13

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Sonata splash blue dial watch for ladies
A vibrant blue alternative to the above Zesty orange.

Sonata Watches for Wedding

Sonata square watch for ladies

Wedding wears in India are all about fine taste with the opulence of Gold. To meet these standards of an Indian wedding, we present a high-rated watch from Sonata’s wedding collection for women.

Dual-tone metallic straps surround the gold-tone bezel case.

Inside the rectangular case, a hand-drawn like pattern is printed. In addition, the dial has crystals at hour positions to make your wrist shine on the special occasion.

Furthermore, the eye-pleasing design and build make it a great choice for a wedding gift to your friend or family member.

Of course, we do not have to mention the standard 30M water-resistance and 12-month manufacturer warranty from Sonata.

Model Number: NM8080BM01

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Sonata watch for wedding - nk8073YM01

The Sonata Sona Sitara watch is an elegant wristwatch that blows you away with its sheer class and uncompromising elegance.

Boasting a durable frame of stainless steel, the watch has a regal white frame and a delightful steel band with a clasp in the end.

The light gold finish over the entire build of the watch makes it a highly sophisticated option and perfect for weddings and other joyful events.

The watch comes with a two-year manufacturing warranty and is water-resistant for up to a depth of 30 meters.

Summing up, you cannot go wrong with this one, as it is among the best watches for women in India.

Model Number: NL8073YM01

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Sonata Leather Strap Watches

Sonata fashion watch

Women, if you do not wish to carry the heaviness of metallic straps and are bored with regular case design, Sonata Yuva can be an amazing choice for you.

Red and gold, an eye-catching colour combination, makes this watch a hot choice to wear on celebrating occasions with bright traditional wears.

The gold ends to pins, which connects the red leather band to the case, are a nice addition and adds glory to the overall look of the watch.

At hour positions, it has red dot accessories in line with the colour pallet.

Summing up, if you want a watch to wear in a tried and tested colour combination with unique design, nothing gets better than this Sonata Yuva Watch and you should not miss it.

Model Number: NM8919YL04

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Sonata watch with leather strap - 8151SL01

Sonata Daisies watch is one of the best wristwatches for women who prefer a timepiece that has a pretty yet durable leather strap.

While the strap is dark blue, the shiny steel dial brings in beautiful contrast to the table which gives this watch a highly vintage appeal altogether.

Small and beautiful dials are huge points that women consider when they wish for something more elegant and timeless.

The watch comes with a warranty of one year from the manufacturer.

Own this attractive watch as soon as you can.

Model Number: NL8151SL01

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Sonata Watches with Premium Touch

Sonata premium watch in India

We know, not everyone likes simple and humble watches. Some ladies prefer splendour watches, which are rich in elements.

One such amazing watch is Sonata Blush It Up.

The goldtone body and crystals studded on the bezels make it a statement piece, which is sure to catch eyes of onlookers whenever you will wear it.

The shining red dial has gold stick marking on the periphery and mineral glass on the top.

32mm case with sliding clasp strap makes it comfortable to wear.

Summing up, if you are looking for a feminine opulent watch to compliment your heavy outfit on a special occasion, this analogue watch can be a perfect choice.

Buy it now!

Model Number: NM8123WM02

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best Sonata watch for women in India

If you love being a true lady, this Sonata watch will give you the most premium attire, but at fraction of the cost. It is right there among the best watches for ladies.

The watch screams out pure durability and quality with its completely stainless steel profile, and the dark blue dial makes matters all the more premium and classy.

This amazing wristwatch is also water-resistant till a depth of 30 meters, which should be the final close for choosing this amazing Sonata watch.

Model Number: 8141SM10

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Silver-tone Sonata Watches

Sonata Pankh Oval Watch for Women

To make a strong statement about your finer taste, you do not need a big bold watch.

A small watch with fine details and great build at an affordable price can do the job.

A part of Sonata Pankh collection, this beautiful women’s wristwatch has a stainless bracelet surrounding the oval case.

The case has a polished body and layers on the bezel.

The enchanting watch dial has a blue background and peacock feathers printed on it.

Next to the peacock feathers are stunning hour markers in the form of shining crystals.

In all, a stunning watch to grace your wrist.

Model Number: NM8085SM03

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If you are looking for a more formal option in similar build, here is a nice option from Sonata Everyday collection. (Model Number: NM8085SM01)

Sonata oval watch for ladies

The Best Titan Watches for Women in India

Latest Titan Watches in India

Titan Karishma watch for Women

Indian women have been showering love on Titan watches for years. This latest ladies watch, a part of their beloved ‘Karishma’ collection, is no different.

The opulent design of the watch with gold and silver-tone will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd on every occasion.

The oval-shaped case has shining gold bezels and silver dial. Swarovski crystals as hour markers in the dial give it a premium touch under ₹2000.

The dual-tone stainless steel strap is inspired by classic Indian Kada design.

In all, this grandeur women’s watch is a perfect choice to give a royal touch to your look on a special day.

Model Number: NM2594BM01

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Titan neo grey dial watch for women
A grey colour Titan watch.

Titan Watches for Office Wear

best Titan watch under 2000 for women

Another women’s watch from Titan ‘Karishma Revive’ collection but this time for office wear.

The clean formal design has a premium touch thanks to the Swarovski crystals and radiating pattern in the dial.

The premium touch makes it a strong gift contender for working women.

25mm case has mineral glass on top. The metallic band has a three-piece sliding clasp for additional security while wearing.

In short, this magnificent Karishma watch is a perfect choice as office watch for women professionals who have a smaller wrist.

Model Number: 2593SM01

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Titan watch for office wear in India

If your daily routine involves going to the office, the Titan Neoli watch will do the trick for you.

Amidst the best watches for girls in India, it is a really good watch for today’s workaholic woman, surely letting you make an impression in your workplace.

The watch comes with a regal brown strap with a mineral-based casing for the dial, which is all done up in the ever-classy black colour.

The pretty simple and appealing profile of this wristwatch will make you proud of your choice.

In short, it is a watch that will be a perfect addition to your work wardrobe.

Model Number: NL2481SL07

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Titan Watches for Occasions

Titan watches for wedding and occasions

The overall minimalist design, gold bezel, beautiful prints on the dial and complementing hour markers make the watch a subtle-sophisticated accessory rather than just a timepiece which you will love to wear on every special occasion.

The three-piece sliding clasp strap makes sure the watch is stable on your wrist.

Coming to the small size of the water-resistant dial, it goes well with delicate hands but is a big NO for girls who prefer to wear big bold dials.

As it is a Titan watch, you get excellent after-sales service with two years of manufacturing warranty.      

Summing up, this watch is a nice bet to meet all the wrist accessory needs of a sophisticated lady.

Model Number: NL917BM01

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Titan leather band in India

Who does not want to shine on the special occasion?

This Titan women’s watch under ₹2000 will help your spread your radiance on the big day.

It has a shining brown dial with unique hand patterns to complement your unique personality.

The off-white leather band continues the uniqueness of the watch. Gold colour buckle in the slim strap coordinates well with the polished bezel.

The 25mm (similar to the diameter of ₹1 coin) case can be the sole drawback for women who prefer big dial watches.

Model Number: NL2574YL01

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Titan Watches with Gold Tone

Titan gold tone watch for ladies

Titan Karishma Revive watch is one of the best watches for women under Rs.2000, if you are fond of the gold-tone for your wrist.

As far as the gold-tone goes, this Titan offering is a pretty appealing package in itself, with subtle lines and cuts that do nothing to take the elegance and charm away.

The dial is an exquisite champagne colour with a mineral casing, that is bound to take your heart away with the way it blends with the gold-coloured strap.

The watch comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty, making it a very enticing option.

Model Number: 2593YM01

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Titan Silver tone watch for women

This petite watch from Titan has everything a lady can ask on her wrist.

The case of this women’s watch has a unique design. Gold-tone bezels outside and beautiful printed pattern inside makes the case an attraction hub.

Supporting the case is the silver-toned metallic strap with gold coloured links. The slim build makes the band subtle and delightful to wear.

When these specifications and the beautiful design meet the trust and recognition of the Titan brand, you get a marvellous watch as a result.

In short, when this women’s watch will grace your wrist, it will add a charm to your presence.

Model Number: NM2536BM02

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The Best Fastrack Watches for Girls Under ₹2000

Latest Fastrack Models Under ₹2000 for Women

stylish Fastrack watch for ladies

Latest Fastrack models for women carry the stylish heritage of the brand and tries to incorporate the latest trends from Fashion world.

This particular women’s watch under ₹2000, Fastrack Sunburn, has a pink and purple colour theme.

The gradient dial, encompassed in a silver-tone metallic bezel, has a circular radiant design.

The crystal embellishments at hour markers and silver-tone hands add glory to the charming watch face.

In addition, the pink leather band complete the overall look of the watch.

On top of this, it is 30M water resistance and comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

In short, if you want to wear a magnificent watch at the next party, which catches the attention of everyone, nothing gets better than this lavish watch.

Grab it now!

Model Number: 6212SL01.

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If your hunt for a unique watch with a marvellous design is still on, here is a fine option from Fastrack.

Known as ‘tropical fruits’, this watch has eye-catching design thanks to the dark dial background with yellow branding and marking. (Model Number: 6203SM02)

Fastrack topical fruit watch for women
latest and best blue dial watch for college girls in India
Here is a refreshing blue watch.

Fastrack Watches for Office Wear

the best Fastrack watch for women in India

Fastrack, the youth brand, known for its stylish watches also has a wide range of offices watches. They blend in the energy of the Fastrack brand with the subtleties of a formal watch.

One such Fastrack watch for women is Fastrack Fundamentals. The crisp white dial has black Fastrack branding and hour numerals.

In addition, the vivid red hands complement the red genuine leather straps of the watch.

The 36mm brass case with 18mm wide strap will sit comfortably on all wrist sizes.

Summing up, this office wear watch for women will integrate the colourful personality of Fastrack with your formal attire in a unique way. Therefore, you should not miss it.

Model Number: NM68010SL01

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Fastrack watch for office wear

For women who love going to their work all decked up and immaculate, this Fastrack Upgrade watch is going to be a spectacular addition to their watch collection.

One of the best watches for ladies under 2000, it comprises a stainless steel band which has grooves that enhance the grace of this beautiful timepiece by miles.

The dial is a simple white setup, where the orange Fastrack logo makes its presence felt and adds a minimal spunk to it all.

You will wear it more than once for sure, even if you have a good enough collection already.

Model Number: NM2298SM02

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Fastrack black dial watch for professionals
Didn’t like the white dial watch? Here is a crisp dark background watch from Fastrack.

Stainless Steel Fastrack Watch

best Fastrack watch for women under 2000

If you need a strong and all-weather watch like your personality, stainless steel watches are a great choice for you.

Referred as a ‘bold watch’, this women’s watch has layers of design in the dial and bezel.

On the periphery, it has minute stick marking followed by Arabic numerals and Fastrack branding at 12 o’clock position. Next to it is a circular pattern and Fastrack branding.

Inside the circular pattern, surrounding the origin of hands, it has noticeable lining pattern.

Outside the case are strong metallic straps with a fold-over clasp.

In addition, the 33mm width of the brass case makes it a convenient choice for most of the girl’s wrist.

Summarizing we can say that if you need a ladies watch to level up your look on every outfit whether it is jeans or salwar kameez or business suit, this silver dial watch can be a pretty good choice.

Model Number: NL6112SM01

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Fastrack watch for college girls in India

The Fastrack analogue watch with the pink dial is an ideal choice for you if a timeless classic design is your choice.

This watch has a strap that is composed of stainless steel and is a wonderful accessory for your wrist too.

The simplicity of this timepiece is complimented pretty well with the pink inner dial, which breathes a youthful vibe into this Fastrack offering.

Moreover, the watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters and comes with a warranty of 2 years from the manufacturer.

It’s a watch that you are going to fall in love with, for sure!

Model Number: NM6153SM02

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Note: Fastrack also has a wide range of men’s watch under ₹2000. You can check them out to view gift options for your partner.

The Best Chumbak Watches for Women Under ₹2000

Cute Chumbak Watch

cute Chumbak watch in India

Meet Chumbak, a home-grown brand known for its colourful watches, which will create an inimitable visual on your wrist.

This particular Chumbak wristwatch is a subtle, casual and funky piece, an apt pick for the boho lovers.

Red PU straps with sturdy matte finish surround the big 3.6cm golden dial.

The cute colourful owl printed in the centre does all the magic for that feminine funky look.

What are you waiting for? Grab it now to have all the nice compliments about your unique fashion taste.

Model Number: 8907605025044

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Chumbak Watches for Occasions

best Chumbak watch for women

Next in the list is Chumbak Ombre Aztec.

It is a delightful women’s watch in India with colourful strap and shining dial.

The teal strap with magnificent geometric patterns will add a lively personality to your wrist.

The clean Ombre dial (blending of two colours) complements the colourful strap.

Like other Chumbak watches for women, it also comes in a vintage packaging, which makes it a fine choice for gifting.

What are you waiting for?

Buy it now and rock your next traditional or festive look with this stunning girl’s watch.

Model Number: 8907605068942

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Chumank watch for occasions

If you are looking for a slightly bigger women’s watch with artistic floral design, here is a lively choice.

Designed to level up your look, it will surely bring pleasing compliments on any occasion.

Both case and straps have strong metallic build so that you can keep receiving the positive compliments for a longer period.

Model Number: 8907605045882

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Chumbak Watches for College Girls

best afforadable Chumbak watch for women

Chumbak watches for women in India are full of funkiness. They complement the liveliness of your personality with their bright and colourful watch faces.

Here we present a casual watch for young women.

The calligraphy of printed text “strong is the new pretty” goes well with the other elements of the artistic dial.

Outside the dial, the golden case has slim stainless steel build.

Besides, the smaller case size can be a significant plus point for women with small to medium wrist size.

The leather band surrounding the case glitters, which is a pleasing addition.

On top of all this, it is affordable and highly rated on major shopping platforms. Therefore, you should not miss this gorgeous ladies watch.

Model Number: 8907605077760

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Affordable Casio Watches for Women

The Best Digital Watches Under ₹2000 for Women

best Casio digital watch for women under 2000

Casio has arguably the best vintage watch collections thanks to its rich history in producing popular watches at affordable prices.

This rectangular digital watch is a stainless steel variant of F91W, one of the highest-selling digital watches in the history of watches.

The popularity of this digital watch can be understood from its high bestsellers rank and reviews.

The 32mm case will even fit comfortably on small and medium wrists, a major plus point. For additional stability on the wrist, it has a fold-over clasp on straps.

Apart from the classic design and standard features, this digital watch has nothing fancy but believe our words; you will never regret purchasing it due to its timeless design. Moreover, you can buy two of this watch and pair with your partner.

Model Number: A-158WA-1Q

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View Digital Watches for Men

Best Affordable Analogue Watches for Women from Casio

best Casio analogue watch for women

When you will wear this gorgeous women’s watch on your wrist, no one will be able to resist himself or herself from appreciating the beauty of this watch. On the other hand, when you will give a gift this watch to your wife or sister, she will love to wear this special watch very often.

So, what makes this ladies watch from Casio special?

Starting from the light blue dial, every element of this women’s watch is loveable.  The golden hour markers and quartz hands catch your eye on the very first instance.

In addition, the dial has a day and date window, so you can update yourself in one glance without taking out your smartphone.

Outside the 30mm case, the watch has stainless steel straps. Moreover, we forgot to mention it is 50M water-resistance.

Summing up, this multi-purpose pick will uplift your look in both business suit and traditional attire. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to buy it.

Model Number: LTP-1335D-2AVDF (A1505)

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Casio stainless steel watch for women

A part of Casio Enticer collection, this women’s watch will help you in enticing everyone around you.

The small 24mm case, perfect for women with slim wrist has ion-plated build. On the top, the mineral glass has special build with sections on it for special effect.

Inside the case is a world-famous Japanese quartz movement, known for accuracy and long service time.

The Japanese quartz movement with a strong metallic build of the case and straps will make it last for years.

Moreover, the 100M water-resistance gives you the freedom to wear it anywhere without worry of the watch mechanism being damaged.

On the after-sales service front, you get a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Model Number: LTP-1230D-7CDF (SH35)

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Timex Watches for Ladies in India

Timex Bestsellers

best Timex watch under 2000

Ladies, get ready to enthral the onlookers with this majestic watch from Timex.

Every element in this ladies watch from crystals in the periphery to the rose gold case to the pink leather strap, has a potential to catch the onlookers’ attention.

Apart from the elegant hands and hour markers, the dial is clean and minimalistic.

When these elements combine with the trust of Timex, you get the ultimate women’s watch, which is constantly present on the women’s bestsellers list.

Wrapping up, it is a women’s watch in India, which you cannot resist from adorning on your wrist on special moments of your life.

Model Number: TW00ZR270E

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Apart from this bewitching pink colour option, it is available in a plethora of colours including purple, red, silver, and white. These colour options can be handy if you like the build but want a different colour so that it can match with your favourite outfit on the big day.

You can click on the images below to view the product of respective colour watch.

Timex watch for women in silver tone
best Timex watch in India
Timex bestselling watch for women in India

Timex has been a leading name in manufacturing some truly excellent wristwatches over the years of its operations.

No wonder that there are a number of high-selling models in their portfolio, but this Timex Fashion analog watch is a bestseller on its own.

Encompassed in a beautiful rose gold colour, this is one of the best watches for girls in India.

Timex offers a warranty of 1 year with this watch, and it boasts of water resistance upto a depth of 50 meters.

The same watch is also offered with a leather strap option as well.

Get yours’ today!

Model Number: TW000T610

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Timex bestseller watch for ladies in pink strap
If you happen to not like the gold-tone version of the above watch, here is silver-tone variant with pink leather straps.

Timex Fashion Watches

The bright red option can be a sensational choice for parties and night out, whereas the silver variant can be a subtle choice for professional occasions.

Like other Timex peers, this ladies fashion watch is also available in a range of colours.

Timex red dial fashion watch for ladies
Timex silver dial watch for professionals
Timex fashion watch for ladies

Redefine your fashion sense and preference with this gorgeous and breath-taking Timex blue watch.

Making a statement was never this flawless, with this watch available in a delightful shade of dark blue with a golden brass casing.

The dark blue with golden hands and numbers give the watch a truly ethereal appeal.

The watch also comes with a one year warranty and enjoys water resistance until a depth of 30 meters.

Having this watch should be on your priority list without a doubt, such is its charm.

Model Number: TWEL11803

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Gully by Timex: Affordable Watches for Women

Gully by Timex watch for college girls

It can be a smart decision to go with an affordable watch for casual purpose. For this very reason, we have picked Gully by Timex watches in this guide to best watches for women in India.

The medium size case (35mm) looks even bigger due to the slim leather bands (8mm).

The lightweight (35 grams) build will sit effortlessly on the wrist. The watch crown is at a slightly odd position (lower bottom) when compared to other watches (middle), which boost the uniqueness.

The geometric patterns as a watch face and lean hands in the dial makes it perfect for young college girls, who want to look ‘effortlessly cool’.

Model Number: TW013HL19

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Gully by Timex affordable watch for ladies

Next watch from Gully has a charming dial with positive colours. The positive colours will uplift your mood, whenever you will feel down.

The white dial has splashed colours printed on the top and bottom of the dial. Moreover, the musical notes in the bottom graphics play a nice cameo to lighten up the dial.

Leather straps and brass case, a standard among Gully sisters, is also present in this ladies watch.

Summarizing, you will love to see time frequently on this women’s watch.

Model Number: TWGYL0300

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Classic Timex Watches

Timex evergreen watch for ladies

For vintage lovers, your search ends here at the Timex Classics watch.

One of the best vintage watches for women, the watch boasts a truly remarkable design profile, with a black leather strap and white dial.

The dial casing has a golden colour, with the same colour for numbers and hands as well.

This watch is water-resistant to a depth of 30 meters and comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, making it a perfect package.

Make this super affordable watch (around ₹500) from Timex yours as soon as you can.

Model Number: B300

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Daniel Klein Fashion Watches

Daniel Klein Women’s Watches for Formal Wear

best Daniel Klein watch under 2000

There are not too many companies who can proudly bask in the success of balancing a watch that’s perfect for all occasions.

Daniel Klein however, is a company that has been doing it for years, and this wristwatch is a testimony to that, being one of the best watches for ladies under 2000.

The wristwatch is lightweight with a full stainless steel body and a light golden border on the entire dial.

Simply put, this one will be a great addition to your accessory or watch collection. The watch is also a highly feasible choice for formal occasions as well.

If you are someone who loves casual outfits more, there too you are perfectly off with this one.

Model Number: DK11637-3

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Daniel Watches for Celebrating Occasions

Daniel Klein watch for special occasions

Everyone loves a special occasion and leaves no stone unturned to make things all the more worth remembering.

Adding a great timepiece with your attire for the occasion will be a win-win for you, and this Daniel Klein watch will tick all the right boxes.

One of the best watches for ladies under 2000, this Daniel Klein watch offers something different with its blue and gold appearance.

A classy dark blue leather strap and a mineral glass-based dial that is studded with diamond-like stones makes this watch enticing.

The added pushers along with the working crown give the watch a more regal appeal.

You will have a great time wearing this one.

Model Number: DK10155-2

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Maxima Watches Under Rupees 2000

Maxima Watch for Working Women

Maxima watch for working women

No professional wants to wear a grandiose watch to the office with shining elements here and there. This is why our editorial team picked this Maxima watch with a clean and minimalist dial.

It will not distract with you or others in your team with unnecessary elements in the dial or build. However, that does not mean you will not receive nice compliments about this wristwatch.

Beneath the black dial is quartz movement and on the top is mineral glass. The strap is made from high-quality stainless steel. Also, the PVD coating makes it abrasion resistance, i.e., an additional protection layer.

The one-year domestic warranty covers this lightweight and 30M water-resistance watch.

Furthermore, do not get surprised by knowing its pocket-friendly price.

Model Number: O-46661CMLI

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Maxima colourful dial watch

Bringing the attractive colourful side of your personality can be a tough job. To help you in presenting this side of your personality, we present the Maxima Attivo.

It is an upgrade to the pink dial watch mentioned above with only hour markers at the multiples of three.

The dial has a blue-teal background with a date window at 3’o clock position.

Silver-tone hands in the 30mm case complement the polished bezel and straps.

A nice option to gift, this women’s watch in India also has 30M water-resistance and 12-month domestic warranty.

Therefore, it is a complete package, which you should not miss.

Model Number: O-46760CMLI

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Maxima Watch for Wedding and Special Occasion

Maxima watch for wedding and special occasion

Dresses and accessories for wedding and other special occasion are all about glitter and shine. And this Maxima watch with a majestic dial and silver-tone bracelet will help you glitter and shine.

Apart from the bezel, the attention-grabbing crystals are also present at the connection point between the case and bracelet.

The leaf-pattern hands in the dial and Roman numeral hour marking in the periphery uplift the overall look of the watch.

Surprisingly, all these comes in a women’s watch priced below ₹1000.

Summing up, you will not regret buying this watch because it will level up your attire for sure on the special occasion with its magnificent looks.

Model Number: 51744BMLI

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Maxima Watch for Gift

Maxima watch for gift

This featured white dial Maxima watch with crystals studded on the bezels is a hot choice as a gift for your loved one.

Why is it a hot choice?

First, as mentioned ‘sparkling stones’ on the bezels and hour markers will signify the attractiveness and visibility of your relationship.

The strong metallic build of case and straps will signify the strength of your bond and will make the watch durable, i.e., it will last for years to come as your relationship.

Besides, this quartz movement powered watch is 30M water-resistance. It will signify your support for each other in both good and bad times.

In short, if you were looking for a beautiful watch to convey your love to your special wife or girlfriend, this women’s watch from Maxima can be a lovely choice. She will love it and would try to wear this watch on every special occasion.

Model Number: 42861CMLI

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Maxima leather band watch

Another beautiful watch you can gift to your beloved so that she can revitalize her looks on special occasions like festivals and celebrations.

It also features shining crystals on the bezels, but the dial is more serene with Arabic hour numerals and stick minute marking on the periphery.

Moreover, the colour combination of gold and brown makes it a perfect fit with traditional wears.

The ‘two-heart’ design with trailing dotted curves makes a pleasing addition to the dial.

Outside the 30mm brass case, it has a slim genuine leather to denote the realness of your relationship.

As mentioned by Namrata in her Amazon review, with ‘looks to die for’, this ladies watch is a charming choice to glorify your relationship.

Model Number: 55442LMLY

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Indian women can get some of the amazing watches from top brands at under ₹2000.

The list of top brands include international brands like Timex as well as national brands like Titan.

Women’s watches from these top brands are durable and stylish. In other words, they have the potential to create your unique presence in any event.

You can view watches of any brand by referring the index at the top of the guide.

If you can spend more than ₹2000, please view our definite guide to best watches for women in India. It features watches from as low as ₹500 to as high as ₹10,000.

If the above element is not working, please click here: The Best Titan Watches for Women

If you have suggestions to improve this guide, please drop a comment.

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