The Best Digital Watch Under 500 Rupees in India (Review)

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The Best Digital Watch Under 500: SKMEI Digital Black Dial

best digital watch under 500 rupees SKMEI Black Dial
Model Number: 1251 BL (Click on the image to open product page)

Design Review

Sporty design is an integral part of the best digital watches around the world. This affordable digital watch from SKMEI is no different.

The round case design with a full screen gives an urban look when worn on the wrist.

The number typography is similar to what present on popular smartwatches. Thus, the digital watch screen gives a feel of a smartwatch with plenty of data upfront.

You can easily infer day, time, and alarm time on a single glance. To chime, see the date, switch on the LED backlight, or set the alarm, you have to use the four buttons present on the sides of the watch.

The two-layer bezels make it a delightful sight for onlookers.

The first black layer in the bezel is typical with direction notations and embossed dot patterns. These patterns can be easily felt when we slide our fingers over them.

The second shining blue layer makes the overall design heavenly and easily catches the attention of bystanders.

he designers have done a pretty good job in making it unisex. It looks natural on wrists of both men and women.

The plastic build of the watch is water-resistant for hand wash and drizzles. The parallel line of holes on the strap adds to the sportiness of the watch and makes your sweat less when the watch is worn for long hours.

Design Rating: 8/10

Performance Review

When you pick this SKMEI digital watch in your hand, you hardly feel it due to the plastic build’s low weight. The mineral glass on the top and tough plastic make it durable and sturdy for people who are in sports. It can easily withstand minor shocks in the strong build.

Since it is a digital watch, you can hardly question the accuracy of in-built tools like stopwatch and alarm.

When wearing the watch outdoors, it gets a little tough to see the time due to low brightness. Therefore, you might have to turn on the backlight by pressing top-left button.

In the indoors, the brightness is pretty good, and you can infer the time at a glance.

The 50mm wide case is perfect for people with medium to big wrist but can be bulky for small wrist individuals. The plastic straps are hard and can cause inconvenience to many who have delicate skin.

Performance Rating: 7/10

SKMEI Black Dial side profile
Here is the side of the watch. The blue ring stands out on the dial.

What makes this digital watch under 500 unique? (Review Summary)

The blue ring on the outer dial makes the watch attractive and helps you get attention.

The 50M water-resistance, stopwatch, alarm, and chime makes it perfect as an affordable digital watch under ₹500.

The plastic build and mineral glass on the top make it durable.

The performance and build is superior compared to alternatives.

Summing up, you will not regret buying this value-for-money digital watch from SKMEI.

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Alternatives You Can Consider

Sonata's best digital watch under 500

If you are a brand-conscious individual, Sonata has a good collection of digital watches under ₹500. This particular watch is very popular among young kids for its asymmetrical design and lightweight build. The overall look of the watch is classic, which suits children of various backgrounds.

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SKMEI S-Shock Watch

A part of the S-Shock (ahem ahem) collection, this affordable digital watch option from SKMEI is subtler in its design. The screen is also simplified and does a pretty good job telling the time, day, and date. Therefore, it is a good choice for people who do not like the limelight.

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Note: The performance and design ratings are given based on what value does the watch provides at its price.

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