The 13 Best Watches Under 500 for Men in India (2021)

Welcome to the ultimate guide to best watches for men under rupees 500 in India. These watches don’t cost you a fortune but are great style statements.

Before selecting a watch in the budget of Rs 500, if you want to gather more knowledge, please check out other informative sections featured in this guide like: The Best Watch Brands for Men Under Rs 500, Why you should get a watch under ₹500, and What to expect from men’s watch under 500 in India?

What’s more? Due to affordability, they can fit into anyone’s budget.

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Best Watches Under ₹500 for Men in India

Zavio Analog Watch Under Rs500

Zavio watch for men under 500 - cover image

Why don’t we start this helpful guide on best watches for men under 500 with a unique concept watch?

Well, this watch from Zavio will be perfect for those who wish to create a unique presence and make their presence countable.

It’s USP, the 44mm dial has layered hands in the form of arrows in a bold colour combination of black, red and white. These colours are complemented by subtle hour markers. 

What’s more? You get it at a price of under Rs 200.

Zavio watch for men under 500 - side profile image

To sum up, if you’re looking for a watch to show your fun side in a party or college, nothing gets better this playful option. Grab it now!

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The Shopoholic Watch Combo

The Shopoholic Analogue Watch Under 500 - cover image

Pop colours are becoming a significant part of our lives. And for the fans of pop strips, we have this set of watch which looks similar to Daniel Wellington Classic. One watch in the set has strips of red, white and blue while the other one has blue, white and blue. Adding to the colour strips is resin build which makes it a perfect fit for casual purposes.

Other than Shopoholic branding, the dial features minute and hour markers. And to point towards these markers, it has sharply pointed hands

The Shopoholic Analogue Watch Under 500 - secondary image

In all, it is a complete package of attraction which you shouldn’t miss.

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Best Digital Watch Under 500: Sonata

Sonata digital watch under 500 - main image

Sonata is undoubtedly the king of branded watch segment under the price of Rs 500. It has an extensive collection of both analogue and digital watches. Later in the guide, we have an analogue watch but here we present a digital watch.

This classic digital watch with useful functionalities is one of the most popular watches in the segment. 

Sonata digital watch under 500 - side image

The water-resistant asymmetrical case is surrounded by a tough synthetic strap. This synthetic strap and plastic case makes it lightweight (around 60grams) in comparison to most peers. In addition, it has a day and date calendar, alarm, stopwatch and light.

Other than the featured blue variant, it also has a yellow and all-black variant.

With all this, you get a 12-month domestic warranty from Sonata.

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Swisstyle Analogue Watch for Men Under ₹500

Swisstyle Premium looking watch under 500 for men - main image

Time and again, we have emphasised that people have different choices towards watches they want to wear. Some want to wear minimalist watches while others prefer a complex watch with a number of sub-dials and layers.

For men who wish to wear a complex watch with detailing on their wristwatch, we have this beautiful watch in black dial and gold markers and bezel. It is similar to expensive watches in the Casio Edifice collection. 

Talking specifically about this watch, it has three sub-dials, a tachymeter on the bezel, stainless steel band and a secure clasp.

A bright variant of this watch is also available with raw stainless steel band colour and blue bezels.

Swisstyle Premium looking watch under 500 for men - side profile image

In short, if you wish to have a premium looking watch on your wrist under the price tag of Rs 500, this can be a perfect bet.

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SKMEI S-Shock Digital Watch for Men

SKMEI digital watch under 500 - main image

If Casio’s G-Shock watches rules the premium digital watch segment, SKMEI’s S-Shock is a highly popular collection in an affordable budget segment.

This particular men’s watch ranks high in the bestselling charts thanks to its unique interface, which is similar to smartwatches. The interface accommodates day, date, time and the status of the alarm. On the right side of the case, it features a light button, mode button, reset button and start/stop button.

Talking about the functionalities, it has an alarm, light and water-resistant plastic build.

The 24mm wide band made from flexible Silicone material gives high convenience while wearing it for long hours.

SKMEI digital watch under 500 - back image

The S-Shock digital watch under 500 is a perfect choice for men who wants to bring a sporty flavour on their wrist.

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ESPOIR Watch for Men

ESPOIR Watch for Men - cover image

Another highly selling watch which everyone wishes to have on their shopping list, this Espoir watch is a choice you won’t regret.

It is a choice you won’t regret because the build is strong thanks to its stainless steel build, stick dial, sharp hands and availability in a plethora of colours. The colours include featured silver colour, opulent gold, royal blue, off white and a multi-colour variant.

espoir gold watch for men under 500 - second image

Inside the dial, it has a day and date window in a stylish manner.

If you’re looking to a gift a watch to your loved one which doesn’t hit hard on your wallet, you should go with this watch.

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Sonata Wristwatch Under 500

best wristwatches for men under 500 from Sonata

As promised, here is a gorgeous analogue watch under 500 from Sonata. With Arabic numeral hour markers and dashed minute marker, it is an apt choice for both formal and semi-formal occasions.

The green and blue colours on the dark dial are surrounded by white bezel making it distinctive among the batch.

Similar to the previously listed watch from Sonata, it also has a water-resistant plastic build, 12-month domestic warranty, and quartz movement.

If you don’t want a darker variant, lighter colour shades of the watch are available. 

Sonata Wristwatch under 500 - side profile image

Summing up, it is a basic watch in a stylish design at an affordable price from a top brand, which shouldn’t be missed by you.

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EDDY Hager’s Best Watch for Men Under 500

Eddy Hager's best watch under 500 for men

We are ending our guide to best watches for men under 500 with this fascinating complex watch. If none of the watches yet has attracted you, this watch will do the job.

The two-tier sticky dial also has Arabic marking, bulky hands, a sub-dial and windows for day and date at five and three markers respectively. All this makes it one of the finest complex watches under 500.

Other than the black which has been used in the cover image, it is also available in blue, brown and white.

blue Eddy Hager watch for cool look under 500

If you wish to create a distinct look, we suggest picking the blue colour, while for regular purposes you can go with either black and white.

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Have you seen any other watch under Rs 500 which deserves to be a part of this detailed guide on best watches for men under 500? Make sure you share it with us in the comment section below. Here are a few interesting informative sections about men’s watches under 500.

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Best Watch Brands for Men Under ₹500

Here is the list of the most popular watch brands for men which have an amazing collection of watches under the price range of Rs 500:

  1. Sonata
  2. SKMEI
  3. Espoir
  4. Zavio
  5. Timespace
  6. Jinkal
  7. Eddy Hager
  8. Piraso
  9. Laurels Imperial
  10. Swissstyle
  11. The Shopoholic
  12. Rolar Fablic

Why you should get watch under Rs 500 in India?

The number one reason is affordability. We know everyone can’t spend ₹5,000 to get a quality watch but anyone can shell out a MAXIMUM of ₹500 for a decent watch. We have written the word maximum in capital letters because most of the watches cost less than it.

Number two, an affordable watch for men at under Rs 500, gives you the liberty to experiment. You can experiment in colour, aesthetics and watch mechanism (analogue, digital and analogue-digital). Once you feel comfortable, you can get a more expensive watch.

Finally, in a low budget of Rs 500, you can get an occasional or a special purpose watch. Let’s say, you can use it to complement the red shirt you purchased in the last sale or to twin with your friend or partner in the party. This way you’ll not be required to spend a ton of money for special purpose watches. Moreover, you can make a complete outfit at a lower cost.

In short, you should have a budget watch in the wardrobe. It can show its utility anytime and you don’t have anything to lose. This is why we have put together this list of best watches for men under 500.

What to expect from the best watches for men under Rs 500 in India?

For sure, you’ll agree that a watch which cost less than ₹500 isn’t going to last years. But you can expect it to last for enough days that it repays the cost.

We can’t ignore the fact that there could be some great designed watches but still, attention to details will not be like from top brands. For instance, the second hand could miss the markers on the dial or the colours might not be consistent. The good thing is, it doesn’t make any significant difference in your timekeeping or in aesthetics for quick onlookers.

When a watch priced under 500 says that it has a leather strap, you can’t expect it to be genuine. It is most probably a hard PU or faux leather made in factories. It doesn’t age like genuine leather, where it gets more beautiful over time.

Similarly, the case is rarely made out of strong and durable stainless steel. Instead, it is either made of plastic or an economical alloy.

Moreover, the glass on top of the case is mostly made of plastic instead of mineral. Therefore, it is prone to scratches and water-vapours getting inside the dial.

In general, these budget watches don’t have a long warranty. Therefore, you have to be careful and cautious in their usage.

There is nothing unexpected here. To cover the cost of the watch, these mass producers have to compromise on the quality and type of raw material used. 

The end watch is pretty satisfactory and functional for an average man but sure will not satisfy a watch enthusiast or a serious watch collector.

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