Best Wall Clocks in India | The 2021 Edition for Home and Office

Wall clocks are such an important part in every home or office space, that they are almost omnipresent, and understated in their presence. They play an important role in giving a nicely done up space a final push to its amazing appeal. While numerous can be a good fit, it requires nothing short of the perfect wall piece for the best results. To make it easier for you, here are the best wall clocks in India that are in line with different preferences and categories to grace your walls.

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The Best Wall Clocks Overall

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Ajanta Wall Clock

best wall clock in India - Ajanta

Witness time in style with this minimal, classy and very affordable Ajanta quartz wall clock. With a pleasant white dial and elegant silver rim, this wall clock is bound to enhance any wall.

The nuance of design in this wall clock is evergreen. You will never feel bored of checking the time with the bold, clearly visible digits. The clock hands are imported metals, giving you unmatchable quality and matchless ease to know the time.

best wall clock in India - gold varient
It is also available in gold colour.

The perfect understated perfection in design, top-notch quality and Ajanta’s familiar durability make this wall clock a perfect choice for any time. Make this timeless time-piece a souvenir for yourself today!

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Best Wall Clock for Living Room

best wall clock for living room in India

If you need to liven up your living room with some scintillating style that goes beyond boundaries, this mesmerising analogue resin wall clock from Casio is the most perfect option for you.  Available in a dark variant too, timekeeping is a pretty stylish affair with this slim wall clock that has a luminous minute and hour markers.

This makes it unbelievably effortless to check the time even in the night. Just glance at this wall clock, and voila!

best wall clock for living room - dark variant
Dark variant contemporary wall clock

The second hand is promising too, with a smooth mechanism that slides by swiftly without the slightest sound. What’s more, the battery lasts almost a year, making it the best clock for your living room. 

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Best Wall Clock for Bedroom

Oreva Backlight Wall Clock

best wall clock for bedroom in India

The Oreva backlight round plastic watch is a definite fancy addition for classy timekeeping. With an electric plug connection, this analogue wall clock is a great option to install in your bedroom. The electric plug is required to turn on the backlight at night.

The beautiful backlit dial with white light takes the appeal factor of the wall clock soaring through the roof. This makes it effortless to check the time even in the dark when you might have woken up in the middle of the night.

It is available in five backlight colour options: blue, white, green, red, and pink. You can get a wall clock with a backlight colour which suits the interior of your bedroom.

A step movement of hands and year-long warranty, it will surely be the pride of your bedroom.

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Titan Wall Clock

best Titan wall clock in India
Image from

Nobody needs an introduction to the quality and performance of Titan products. Its wall clock collection for Indian homes is no different with an edge on performance and design.

Made for Indian homes, this particular metallic wall clock with its elegant design is a perfect choice for modern bedrooms.

With a flawless blend of the dark face and round elements, it boasts an unmatchable look.

It has Arabic hour indices in white colours to contrast well with the dark face. 

Next to these indices are stick markings for minutes with an orange accent on intervals of five. These orange markings are in line with the colour of the second hand.

Inside the clock is silent sweep technology, which does not produce any noise due to the motion of slim hands.

In all, you will make an excellent decision by choosing this Titan wall clock for your bedroom to give it or complement its modern look.

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If you want a unique wall clock for your bedroom, here is an unusual option with projected numbers. The contemporary design of this wall clock has a classic blue-white colour theme. 

Titan contemporary wall clock for bedroom
Image source

Best Minimalist Wall Clock in India: Oreva

best minimalist wall clock in India

If you are a fan of the style with substance philosophy, you cannot go wrong with this time-showing beauty from Oreva. 

Carved out from solid and durable plastic, the wall clock is a perfect fit for workspaces, living rooms and bedrooms. 

The roman numbers are visible on the clock, thanks to a fuss-free, white dial, facilitating immense ease to know the time. The smooth step movement of the clock hands boosts the clock operation.

The clean, silver rim gives this wall clock a complete closure in terms of appearance and is bound to make heads turn in anywhere. Waiting for something better than this is not an option. Get it as soon as you can!

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Best Wall Clocks for Home

Seiko Station Vintage Wall Clock

best vintage wall clock in India - Seiko

If you are fond of vintage things, the Seiko Wall Clock is everything you ever wished for. 

Done up in a delectable Piano finish, with a gold rim too, there is everything to love in this beautiful wall clock. The cream dial, the boldly crafted Roman numbers, and a completely soothing overall package, the vintage wall clock is a great pick for your home.

best seiko wall clock in India -side profile

To add to it all, the wooden case encasing this machinery boosts the overall durability of this delightful wall clock as well. 

Make this exquisite wall clock a part of your collection today!

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Casio Analog Wall Watch

best analogue wall clock in India - Casio

If you are searching for the best wall clock for your home, let that search end here.

This Casio analogue wall clock is a sure shot product that will be a lovely addition to the interior of your residing space.

With the renowned Casio badge, this black analogue clock is an attractive prospect for any location in your home, be it your kitchen, bathroom or the living room. For any dark wall, this wall clock will never be a disappointment.

The numbers and hands are all a pleasant white, making it all the easier to keep time, thanks to the contrast. 

Lay your hands on simply the best wall clock for your home today.

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Vintage Clocks Double Side Wall Clock

best double side wall clock in India

Royal, rustic and completely charming, this double side vintage iron wall clock is a must-have addition for your house. With a brass, electroplated finish, the clock renders that unmissable vibe of royalty. 

It is a perfect piece to enhance the passage of your home, partitioned rooms and even can be mounted in the hall.

If you don’t have an idea about what to give to someone close, look no further beyond this clock, as it will turn out to be the gift of a lifetime. 

With a perfect packaging and one year warranty, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Best Designer Wall Clocks

Best Wooden Wall Clock in India

best wooden wall clock in India

If you are looking to get a wall clock that complements the brilliant interiors of your home, this impeccable B Square wood wall clock is going to suit your motive of something remarkable for the wall of your office or home.

The clock consists of an entirely wooden frame and components. The dial, outer structure, needles and numbers are all handcrafted from wood, giving the wall an artistic touch.

The comprehensive use of wood and a patented precision quartz movement technology is simply flawless. The Taiwanese technology makes this clock the most awesome designer clock money can buy.

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Kurtzy DIY Wall Clock

best DIY wall watch in India

When it is about using wall clocks to revolutionize the interior of your home, the Kurtzy DIY designer creative wall clock that will without a doubt, be a great addition for the walls of your bedrooms and living rooms.

This spectacular 3D wall clock is a perfect solution on two fronts. It fulfils your timekeeping needs as well as open up doors to something creative on your wall. 

With acrylic foam wall numbers and clock pointers made of aluminium, you also get a measurement scale to ensure that the clock numbers are perfectly placed. 

In short, for any smooth surface, this is the one clock for you.

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Smart Art Wood Carving Wall Clock

best designer wall clock in India

Looking for something different and unique to adorn those walls of your home or office? Then this Smart Art Wood Carving Designer Wall Clock is an option you should consider. 

It’s a Made in India product and boasts a round wood carved design that has enough potential to boost the look of simply any wall it is mounted on.

The dial is purely crafted and has a unibody design, with roman numbers that are beautiful in appeal and texture. 

With multiple colour options to suit walls of multiple colours, this is a scintillating designer clock that will grace your wall.

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Vintage Clocks Varli Art Wall Clock

best wall clocks for home in India under 2000

For those with a penchant for royalty in their space, this Vintage Wooden wall clock is the best choice. It will just blow you away with its elegance and simplicity, simultaneously. 

What sets this delightful timepiece apart is the attention to detail, as well as its handcrafted authenticity. This designer wall clock is nothing but perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and practically any space that is a wall.

The wall clock enjoys exquisite Varli artwork and comes packed in a beautifully designed box and an assured one year warranty. 

Long story short, you won’t be having a hard time choosing this beauty!

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Best Digital Wall Clocks

Casio Digital Wall Clock

best digital wall clock in India - Casio

Bring in a modern touch to your home or office, with this stylish Casio digital wall clock. With a square facade and a large, clear display, this wall clock will be a superb addition to grace your wall. The material used in the wall clock is high quality, durable resin that makes increased longevity pretty obvious.

Being a digital clock, the time accuracy is simply outstanding, with just a fluctuation of just a minute every month. 

To add to it all, there is also a temperature sensor and automatic calendar that’s going to last you well after your life! 

Waiting for something better is pointless because this wall clock is simply the best. Order it now!

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Ajanta Affordable Digital Wall Clock

best rectangLe digital clock in India

If you are a fan of all things digital, then this Ajanta quartz digital wall watch is surely a must have for you. 

Composed of quality plastic material, this black coloured wall clock is an ideal fit for simply any place. Living room, study room or office, you name the place and the clock will have no problem to be the perfect wall addition.

The face of this digital wall clock is very informative too. It shows time, day, temperature and calendar, all visible in bright red LED fonts. With an electric connection, there are 2 batteries included as well, keeping time during shutdowns.

Make sure you have this delightful clock as soon as you can.

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Best Square Wall Clock

best square wall clock in India

As a person, if you are fond of square wall clocks, then look no further than this pleasant white wall clock from Casio. The wall clock is simple, clutter-free and amazingly adaptable to be installed anywhere you wish.

The dial and rim are purely white, with the hands and numbers a bold black. This makes checking the time a super-smooth affair.

The battery life of this wall clock lasts about a whole year, and a smooth hand movement like automatic watches makes it all as simple as a lot of things in life.

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Best Wall Clock Brands in India

As mentioned earlier in this guide, wall clocks are present in almost every home and office in India. To be your choice, a number of wall clock brands are competing in India. Therefore, it becomes necessary to list out the best wall clock brands in India.

This alphabetical list includes both national and international brands which sells wall clocks in India.

  • Ajanta
  • B Square
  • Casio
  • Kurtzy
  • Oreva
  • Seiko
  • Smart Art
  • Titan
  • Vintage Clocks

You can purchase clocks from these brands to adorn your walls to decorate your home or its parts and be assured about quality and performance. Almost all of the wall clocks from these brands have a one year warranty.

Note: At present, this guide does not feature any Titan wall clocks. It is due to the reason that all titan wall clocks are unavailable on its website. We will include the best titan wall clocks once they are available online.

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