23 Best Digital Watches for Men in India: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

For the last five decades, digital watches have been into the scene. A lot has changed in their aesthetics and what they can do from 1970 when the first digital watch was manufactured. 

At present, digital watches for men have evolved in the game of style and appearance, and are excellent performers in the functional department with a host of features like better accuracy, multiple time zones, stopwatch, calendar, alarm and so on.

Other than signifying an active lifestyle, digital watches are the first choice for men who are into sports or any other type of activities which regularly checks roughness.

At present, anyone can be bewildered by the available options.

Therefore, we wrote this guide on the best digital watches for men in India.

What makes this ultimate guide to digital watches for men unique from the rest is the segmentation based on price and application.

This way, you will be able to find the best digital watch for yourself or your loved one in the minimum possible time with easy navigation. 

In short, it doesn’t matter what your needs are (if any), we’ve got covered the best digital watches for you.

Pro Tip: This guide is in ascending order of budget starting from ₹500 to ₹10,000. You can scroll down to view watches of your budget or refer the index at the top of the page.

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The Best Digital Watches for Men Under ₹10,000

The Best Military Watch

G-Shock digital watches are well known for their durability, accuracy, and stylish looks. 

This is why it is very common to see popular sportsmen wearing G-Shock watches.

Our featured G-Shock watch (GA-100CM-5ADR (G580)) perfectly blends the toughness and durability with a beautiful camouflage design.

gshock camouflage watch side view

The resin build of 55mm case and 22mm wide band makes this digital watch one of the lightest among the peers from other companies.

If you are physically active and want to monitor your performance, it has a 1/1000-second stopwatch and 24-hour countdown. 

Other notable features include LED light, world time (29 time zones), five alarms (one snooze alarm), auto-calendar up to 2099, and two hands for analogue display.

No description of this men’s digital watch can’t end without mentioning the fact that it has a 200M water-resistance and two-year manufacturer warranty.

Model Number: GA-100CM-5ADR (G580)

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If you do not happen to like a digital wristwatch with camouflage print all over it, you can check this alternative.

black watch with camouflage print

It has black bands and bezels. The interiors of the dial are printed with camouflage. Hands, digital numbers, and analogue markers are in a shade of yellow, which is like golden colour.

Apart from these differences, it has the same technical features and standards as the watch above.

Model Number GA-100CF-1A9DR (G519)

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The Best Analogue Digital Watches Under ₹10,000

G-Shock blue analogue digital watch for men

There are several watches in the business which utilizes the accuracy of digital watches and the elegant looks of analogue watches.

Moreover, they can help in keeping an eye on two time zones at the same time, if you live away from home or have clients in another country.

There is no doubt about the fact that G-Shock from Casio has the most extensive collection of superior analogue digital watches.

Why are G-Shock analogue digital watches superior? Well, the answer lies in the fact that they have unparalleled capacity to bear roughness, durability, and a sense of sportsmanship. 

This particular analogue digital watch from G-Shock has one of the most handsome looks. The handsome looks are the result of blue hands and case interiors. 

The round case has blue dial rings and raised hour markers to give an effect of three-dimensional depth on your wrist. The resin case is surrounded by resin straps and has mineral glass on the top.

The digital display is not too bright outdoors,  which is the leading drawback. The amber LED makes it easy to see analogue time in the night. The classic oversized buttons which characterise G-Shock watches also accompany on the sides.

g shock analogue digital watch side view

The 20ATM water resistant makes it useful even while swimming and diving. Other than this, it packs all the standard features which you can expect from a G-Shock watch.

In short, this analogue-digital watch is what we call a handsome and strong watch for a stronger presence.

Model Number: GA-100-1A2DR (G271)

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casio g-shock with unique hands
If you happen to not like the blue version, here is another analogue digital watch with a red ring and hands.
casio g-shock bike inspired watch for men
A strongly built G-Shock watch inspired by the components of a bike. The periphery of the dial resembles the disc brake of a bike whereas the connection point of the hands is configured in a way to look like gears. Moreover, the inclusion of all the standard features of G-Shock makes it a great choice for a man who loves to explore the world on his bike. (Model Number: GA-120-1ADR (G346))

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The Best Digital Watches Under ₹5000

Casio G-Shock Square Watch

If you want to boast one of the most iconic digital watches on your wrist, this featured watch should be your choice. 

It was launched in 1983 and is popularly known as ‘Origin’ because before that ‘unbreakable watches’ was not even a concept. 

A team of three people designed the ‘unbreakable watch’ in square form with eliminating all the waste in the design.

This particular model keeps the original design while adding a solar system to power the watch, which is an accomplishment in itself.

On top of this, it has some cool functions like auto-illumination, which turns on the backlight in the dark, when you twist your wrist to see the time.

The resin case and straps are not bulky and big, making a nice choice for people with small and medium wrists.

Moreover, it has all the standard technical features and specifications of a G-Shock watch like 200m water resistance, shock resistance, mineral glass, multiple alarms and timezones, and power-saving function.

As mentioned earlier, the design of this watch has eliminated all the waste in structure, therefore, it is not over complicated like many of the peers.

In short, this compact digital watch will add charm to your wrist and you should not miss it.

Model Number: G-5600E-1DR (G671) 

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Timex Command

If you are looking for a non-Casio digital watch under ₹5000 for your big wrist, here is a nice option in the form of Timex Command.

Timex Command shares a sense of roughness and sportsmanship due to its strong rectangular build.

Apart from the strong resin build, like most of the peers in the price range, it has both audible and vibrating alarms, 24-hour countdown timer, special night mode, multiple time zones, and water resistance depth up to 100 meters. The 100-hour stopwatch makes it one of the best digital chronograph watches for men under ₹5000.

The numbers on the screen are bright and are easier to read than many of the G-Shock watches.

The 54mm case can seat easily on big wrists and has beautiful side looks thanks to fascinating button placements and their pattern on them. 

One of its weaknesses is the acrylic glass on the top, which is prone to scratches. 

It is available in three different colour options, all of them having their fan base. 

The above pictured digital watch has black dial and camouflage pattern on bezels in tan colour. Another variant has a military green camouflage pattern.

For individuals who prefer to wear colourful watches on their wrist, it also has a blue and red option.

colourful digital watch from Timex

Model Number: TW5M20600

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The Best Digital Watches Under ₹3000

There is no doubt about the fact that Casio dominates the digital watch landscape with its extensive collection. They have superior watches in every price range.

The price range of under ₹3000 is no different and has some pretty good choices.

Our featured watch for the section is a Casio Youth Digital priced at around ₹2200 and has classic vintage looks.

Even with this affordable price tag, they have pushed in most of their standard features. The list includes 1/1000 stopwatch, world map for world time, five alarms, hourly time signals, 12 and 24-hour time formats, full auto calendar, and so forth.

Honestly, even with these outstanding features, this men’s digital watch is more about celebrating vintage nostalgia and embracing our past from where we come.

The square resin case has mineral glass on the top and resin straps outside to support. The only leading drawback in comparison to other premium Casio watches is its weight.

Therefore, if you are looking to wear a heritage watch on your wrist with a sturdy design, outstanding features, and a decade long warranty on an affordable price tag, nothing gets better than this digital watch.

Model Number: AE-1200WH-1BVDF (D098)

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The Best Digital Watches Under ₹2000 for Budget Section

Fastrack Digital Watch

best fastrack digital watch under 2000

A digital watch of under 2000 in India can not only tell you simple time with primitive functions but also pack some of the advanced functions in a striking design. 

One such amazing digital watch under ₹2000 with a striking look is Fastrack Trendies.

First, we need to appreciate the exciting dial it has with the orange and black colours. On the top of the dial, it has an Acrylic glass (aka synthetic glass) surrounded by the plastic case of 51mm (width) x 56mm (length) x 16mm (thickness). These big dimensions give the onlookers a sense of heaviness when in actuality it is lightweight (about 50 grams). 

The 24mm wide buckle clasp band is made from Silicone for comfort. All this is made safe in a water-resistant depth of 100m or 10 ATM and a 24-month warranty from the brand. 

Talking about the brand, we can’t ignore Fastrack’s dominance and awareness among youngsters, i.e., the watch you are going to wear will be recognised and appreciated. 

Summing up, if you are looking for a unique wristwatch with fresh dial design, this digital watch can be a pretty good choice in the budget.

Model Number: 38045PP03

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Casio Budget Digital Watch Under ₹2000

best casio vintage stainless steel

As mentioned earlier in the premium digital watches section, Casio has arguably the best vintage watch collections thanks to its rich history in producing popular watches at affordable prices.

This rectangular digital watch is a stainless steel variant of F91W, featured in the under ₹1000 section and one of the highest-selling digital watches in the history of watches.

The popularity of this digital watch can be understood from its high bestsellers rank and reviews.

The 32mm case will even fit comfortably on small and medium wrists, a major plus point. For additional stability on the wrist, it has a fold-over clasp on straps. 

Apart from the classic design and standard features, this digital watch has nothing fancy but believe our words; you will never regret purchasing it due to its timeless design. 

Model Number: A-158WA-1Q

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If you do not like to wear heavy stainless steel watches and want a more colour option in a lightweight build, here is a Casio Digital in orange colour. It has stylish looks, a great battery life (10 years), and standard water resistance (50M among other things.

Model Number: W-96H-4A2VDF (D177)

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Casio youth orange
Orange straps and black dial

Sonata Digital Watches

sonata super fibre blue watch for men under 2000

Sonata is India’s largest selling watch brand and well known for its price affordability.

This particular Sonata digital watch is hot for its cool and calming blue theme. Silver-toned accessories add charm to the blue straps.

The 30m water-resistance case has shining bezels on the outside and grey digital display inside. On the sides, it has metallic buttons to perform various functions.

The well-designed dial has three sections one for time, a smaller one seconds, and the third one for additional information like day and date.

In short, you’ll have pride in wearing this beautiful watch on your wrist. You shouldn’t miss it at this price point.

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Like most of the peers from Sonata, this watch also  has various colour options. If you do not want the vibrant blue colour, you can choose this modest green colour variant.
Does your next digital watch need to have bright colours? Here is a contrasting colour combination from Sonata with black and orange.

Q&Q Digital Watches

Q&Q regular digital watch for men in India

Are you looking for an inexpensive digital watch with robust looks? Well, look no further. Here is a solid choice in the form of a Q&Q  (a subsidiary of Citizen) digital watch.

On the front, the watch has a big dial with depth to resemble a complex layered look. Dial gives basic time information whereas bezels gives directions.

The 8mm thick case can have a backlight and chrono alarm inside.

In short, if you are looking for a casual digital watch to sport with your t-shirt, grab it now.

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The Best Digital Watches Under ₹1000: A List of Affordable Watches

CASIO vintage digital watch

₹1000 is the minimum amount you should invest to purchase a quality digital watch in India.

To be honest, we didn’t have to put in much effort to pick a digital watch for this price range. And if you ask for the reason, it is very simple. There are very few digital watches in this price range which have great looks and give a robust performance.

And one of them is a Casio Vintage Series (F91W) watch. 

Several facts are supporting our pick for the best digital watch for men under ₹1000.

One of them is the classic digital display in the rectangular case, which brings a sporty flavour on your wrist with the familiarity of the Casio brand.

The best thing about a rectangular case watch is convenience. They look elegant no matter what your wrist size is. This Casio digital watch is great at convenience with the strong black resin strap with buckle closure.

On the technical front, it has all the features you expect from a Casio watch starting from the LED light to daily and hourly alarms to auto-calendar.

Moreover, the lightweight build is 10m water-resistance and has a two-year domestic warranty from the manufacturer (the average life of this watch is high).

To conclude, this Casio Classic digital watch will help you in avoiding a childish look by bringing elegance to your wrist at the minimum cost.

Fact: It is the world’s one of the highest selling watches.

Model Number: F-91W-1DG (D002)

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If you do not like the plastic version of this watch, there is also a stainless steel version. You can read about it in the under ₹2000 price range.

A superfibre digital watch for the fans of Sonata watches.

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Best Digital Watches for Men Under 500

best sonata digital watch under 500

Sonata has the most extensive range of functional and durable watches in the range of under ₹500. This means that you can easily find a digital watch according to your preferences in colour and appearance.

One of the highest-rated digital watches under 500, this chronograph accommodates the most basic functions in the asymmetrical plastic case. The plastic case is surrounded by a buckle clasp strap, which is made of synthetic material.

Other than the digital display of time, it has a day and date calendar, alarm, stopwatch, light and chime.  The water-resistant depth of 3 bars can bear hand washing.

Moreover, the digital watch is secured with a six-month warranty from the manufacturer.

To sum up, this watch will bring the essentials of a digital watch to your wrist on the cheapest price tag.

Model Number: NK7982PP04

View Ratings and Price

Other options for digital watches in under ₹500:

skmei low cost digital watch
skmei cheap digital watch
sonata digital watch for college students
SKMEI red digital watch
Sonota super fibre watch for boys

Note: We have a detailed guide on The Best Digital Watch Under ₹500 in India (Review). Please read it for more details.

Best Digital Watch Brands for Men

Here is an inclusive list of best brands for digital watches in India:

  1. Casio
  2. Sonata
  3. Fastrack
  4. G-Shock by Casio
  5. Timex
  6. Maxima
  7. Naviforce
  8. Q&Q

Are Digital Watches the same as Smartwatch?

The short answer is No. 

Digital watches are different from smartwatches. The primary function of a digital watch is to show accurate time in digital format. Plus, most of them offer related functions like multiple time zones, stopwatch, calendar and so forth to make it a value bundle.

On the other hand, smartwatches are more like a mini smartphone tagged on your wrist. Not only do they include the basic functions related to a digital watch, but they offer connectivity, which is their primary USP.

The biggest advantage which digital watches brings over smartwatches is battery life. In general, smartwatches last for a day or two. But, digital watches can last for years.

Besides, digital watches are more rough and tough and offer better water-resistant capabilities. 

Lastly, digital watches can also be a great choice if you don’t want to carry the burden of the whole world on your wrist. Simply put, this means that you’ll not be flooded with notifications and reminders every now and then. 

How can we forget the budget? A good smartwatch costs you multiple times of a great digital watch. Therefore, it gets narrowed down to what you need? If your requirement is only to know the time in digital format from a good looking watch in the budget, digital watches are for you.

Whereas, if you want a mini-computer on the wrist, which keeps you updated with the world and maintain a track of your activities,  smartwatches are for you.

Here is our ultimate guide on the best smartwatches for every budget in India.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Digital Watches for Men

What is a digital wristwatch?

A digital wristwatch is the one which shows time in numerical digits instead of the traditional three-hand mechanism of analogue watches. Inside the digital watch lies a quartz movement.
What makes digital watches unique and more popular is the fact that they are more accurate, last long, have additional features, and brings a sporty feel on the wrist.
Generally speaking, most of the digital watches have additional features like stopwatch, timer, and alarm which are not part of a standard analogue watch.

Which digital watch is best?

The best digital watch (overall) has to be Casio Youth (Orange). It is a perfect combination of style, roughness, and affordability. Other than it, there are plenty of amazing digital watches in every price range.
You can check out respective price range section is this guide to find out a suitable digital wristwatch for yourself in the budget.

How accurate is a digital watch?

According to Digital Watch Central, digital watches are very accurate in comparison to their peers. A standard digital watch has a maximum variation of plus-minus 15 to 30 seconds per month.
We have emphasised maximum variation because most of the digital watches rarely have this variation. Temperature, air pressure, and quality of the mechanism used in watch affect the accuracy of a digital watch.

Which is the best digital watch brand?

The best digital watch brand has to be Casio. The entire digital watch range of Casio, which accommodates more watches than any competitor, is known for superior quality and performance. The G-Shock from Casio is well known for its roughness.
In India, Fastrack, Sonata, Timex, and SKMEI follow Casio.

How long do digital watches last?

In general digital watches last for at least 5 years with normal care. There are watches, which are durable and last more than ten years, whereas there are some, which does not last more than 2 years.
The life of a digital watch depends on water damage and corrosion, usage, design of the watch itself, and the age of battery inside the watch.

What is the most accurate watch movement?

The most accurate watch movement is quartz, which powers all the digital watches and some analogue watches. The accuracy of a quartz movement is attained due to its frequency of 32768 times per second.

Do digital watches lose time?

Every type of watch loses time, including digital watches. But, digital watches lose less time than analogue watches. As mentioned in our answer to the accuracy of a digital watch question, a digital watch lose plus-minus 15 seconds on maximum in a month.

What is analogue/digital watch?

Analogue-Digital Watches have a hybrid watch dial, which harnesses the accuracy of a digital watch and the elegance of an analogue watch.
In the dial, an analogue-digital watch has the tradition three-hand movement as well as numerical digitals.

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