The Best Smartwatches in India for Men (2021 Update for Better Health)

Smartwatches are one of the many functional technologies which have made humans lives easier and managed. Thanks to smartwatches, now we can access the world on our wrist. This inspired us to create this ultimate collection of best smartwatches in India, which not only have prominent looks but handy features for everyday life.

Before starting the list, this extensive list doesn’t include any fitness bands or digital watches. Both of these are different from smartwatches. You can read about the differences in our digital watches guide.

If you want to get well versed with the terms related to smartwatches as well as the must-have features and specifications, we have a dedicated section for selecting the right smartwatch. It can be accessed from the index at the top of the page or by scrolling down.

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Best Smartwatches in India Under 5,000

best smartwatch under 5000

The matt black Bip Lite from AmazFit is the perfect fit for an entry-level smartwatch packing the fundamental features at a jaw-dropping price tag.

The smooth, body-friendly, and flexible rubber-like strap is made of silicone.

On the top of polycarbonate-plastic 42mm case, resides a 2.5D curved corning glass 3 with anti-fingerprint coating.

AmazFit bip lite in hand of man

Beneath the glass lies a 1.28 inch, 176×176 pixel, always on reflective display, which gives astonishing readability even in the outdoors.

Amazing Battery Life

When most of the smartwatches struggle to last for a day or two, this super lightweight smartwatch (only 32 grams including the strap) has a battery life of 45 days on standard usage, 120 days on (~4months) standby, and approximately 20 days on active usage.

On the back of the smartwatch are heart rate sensor and charging point.

Talking about the most important fitness-related features, it can track activities like outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, and walking.

Mi Fit app synchronizes the data of these activities to your Android or iOS device.  

AmazFit Bip Lite in the hand of woman

It has ten inbuilt watches faces. If you need more, they are available in the app.

Due to the unavailability of mic and speaker, it only vibrates on new notifications and calls. As of now, you can’t reply to a notification from the smartwatch itself. Another cool feature is ‘Find My Device’.

Other than this, it has standard features like timer and stopwatch, alarm, weather and so forth.

To sum up, if you really want to confine to the budget of under ₹5,000, there is no better option than this bestseller smartwatch in India.

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Best Smartwatches in India Under 10,000

If you need a smartwatch, which touches the aesthetic of standard analogue digital watch, Honor Magic is the one for you.

It touches the aesthetics of an analogue watch with the round, stainless steel case with engraved tachymeter numbers. Adding to this, there are pre-installed watch faces similar to a classic watch face to complete the look.

In total, nine watch faces are available; you can select any one of them from settings or by long pressing on the home display.

The best thing about this smartwatch under 10000 is its tracking for swimming activities. The 5ATM water-resistant makes it possible. It tracks swimming in two modes: pool swim and open water.

Other than these, it can track outdoor and indoor running, walk, climb, and indoor cycling.

To monitor and synchronize the date of these activities with your smartphone, you will be required to download the Huawei Health app on your Android or Apple device. The connectivity will take place through Bluetooth.

Other handy features include Huawei TruSleep, flashlight, compass, find my phone, weather, stopwatch and barometer.

Physical Features and Hardware

The 1.2inch AMOLED display brings the watch faces to life with punchier colours and upright frame rate.

The 179-mAh battery, which takes about two hours to charge, can last up to seven days (on using heart rate monitor), 14 days (on using heart monitor only during exercises), and a day when heart rate monitor and inbuilt GPS are always on. The inbuilt GPS gives it the ability to track your running path.

For charging the smartwatch, a magnetic charging dock with USB Type-C port (provided in the box), takes about two hours.

honor magic watch in lava black colour

The two buttons on the right come mapped. The top one, with a red ring, works as the power button, menu button and home button. While the bottom one redirects you to the activity page.

Like the previous smartwatch, this one also does not have a microphone or speaker. Therefore, it can only notify you of an incoming call. You will be required to use your phone to pick the call. Similarly, it vibrates on receiving notifications from other apps. You can also turn on DND mode from quick settings by swiping down. 

The 22mm silicone strap, detachable with a spring mechanism, has a texture on top and a pop red colour on the bottom.

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Other Variant of this smartwatch

Honor Magic smartwatch moonlight silver

Let us talk about the two colour variants available of this smartwatch and their price tags. The pictured lava red version, priced at ₹10,000 has similar features to the moonlight silver variant, priced at ₹11,500.

Other smartwatches under Rs 10,000:

AmazGit pace smartwatch under 15000
Amazfit Pace
Watchout Wearables

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Best Smartwatches Under Rs 15,000

best titan smartwatch in India

We all have been waiting for a full-fledge smartwatch from Titan, one of the most popular watch brands in India.

Here they are with the Titan Connected X, a full touch smartwatch that promises ‘a contemporary stylish look on the go’.

Unique Combination of Analogue and Smartwatch

On the top of the full touch 1.2” display, it has analogue hands.

You can customise the dial with various watch faces available inbuilt as well as on the Titan Connected X app for android and iOS.

Further, if you happen to dislike all of the watch faces, you can set watch face of a photo from your phone gallery.

So, if you are fed with those technology-focused digital looks, the Connected X should be your priority.

Battery Life

Second major USP is battery life. If you continuously synchronize the tracking data collected by the smartwatch to your phone, you get a battery life of about 3 days.

However, if you are on some kind of travelling and sporting activity, where you need higher battery life, it has a special surprise.

After these three days of smart battery life, it can still show you time and track your activities in its memory for about 30 days.

The only thing you will not be able to do is synchronise the tracking data between your smartwatch and phone until you charge it again.

In short, these two battery modes can saviour for people who went on a trip but forget to carry the charger or at a remote place where you cannot access the electricity.

Titan Connected X App

When you connect it to the Titan Connected X app on your android or iOS device, you get access to some auxiliary features.

The list includes leaderboard to compete with your friends, notifications and alerts for calls, social media, calendar and custom events, sedentary alert to prompt you for a walk when you are inactive for a longer period, weather and forecasting, camera control, and music control.

titan connected x side profile

On the physical specifications side, it has 30M water-resistance, stainless steel case diameter and thickness at 48mm and 14.6mm respectively, and weight of about 100 grams.

Summing up, if you are looking for a sophisticated watch which has an elegance of classic watch and technology of modern smartwatches, nothing gets better than Titan Connected X.

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Other options for smartwatches in India under ₹15,000

best smartwatch in India under 15000
Huawei Watch GT
AmazFit Verge Smartwatch in India
Amazfit Verge

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Best Smartwatches under 20,000

best smartwatch in India under 20000

If you know a thing or two about smartwatches, you must be knowing how great and experience-rich smartwatches Samsung makes.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Frontier, one of their highest selling smartwatch in India is our pick for the best smartwatch under 20000.

It comes preloaded with a reasonable number of watch faces. The companion app gives you a plethora of watch faces, some of which are paid.

The three-inch super AMOLED screen brings watch faces to life and gives the appearance of a classic sports watch. This screen is supported by Corning Gorilla Glass SR+.

For an active display, you can also use the always-on mode. In the always-on mode, almost ⅓ of the battery is left on average while in normal display, it can last for about two days.

Running on the Tizen OS, this smartwatch with 46mm dial can be connected with both Android and iOS devices. It has internal storage of 4GB while 768MB RAM. 

galaxy S3 frontier
Samsung Galaxy S3 Frontier

The most interesting thing about this smartwatch is the rotating metallic bezel. It can be used to navigate through menu and widgets.

This is a complete smartwatch with mic and speaker. The presence of audio devices gives it the ability to reply to calls and notifications as well as natively play music.

To reply notification, you can do voice typing, use preset messages or handwriting.

Talking about the physical build, it has two buttons. One is for back navigation while the other one is for jumping to home. On the back is a heart rate monitor. It also has GPS tracker, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and altimeter.

Moreover, the watch is IP68 certified water-resistant as well as temperature and shock-resistant.

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Other smartwatches from Samsung

Samsung galaxy active smartwatch under 20000
Samsung Galaxy Active
Samsung Gear Sports Smartwatch
Samsung Gear Sports Watch

Smartwatches for Women in India

smartwatch for women in India
Fossil Venture Smartwatch

Best Smartwatch Under 25,000

Fossil Gen 5

best fossil smartwatch in India Gen 5
Click on image for more details

Fossil Explorist 4

Best smartwatch under 25000 in India with leather strap
Fossil Explorist

If you carefully notice, as of now, none of the featured smartwatches operates on Google’s WearOS. The Galaxy S3 Frontier runs on Samsung’s own Tizen OS while AmazFit Bip Lite and Honor Magic run on their custom OS.

Here is the Fossil Explorer Gen 4, which is also the best WearOS smartwatch available in India.

The stainless steel build with two physical buttons (customizable for quick access) and a crown (for navigating through options; similar to bezels on Galaxy S3 Frontier) does not give an awkward device look.

It more or less reaches to the aesthetics of a classic analogue watch with plenty of Fossil watch faces on a 42mm OLED touch screen. You can download more watch faces from the WearOS app or customise the in-built watch faces.

You can swipe right to access the Google Feed, which features tailored content for your from the calendar and other Google apps.

The screen comes packed in 45mm-rounded case that is about 30mm thick. Among the array of sensors and meters it has, the ambient light sensor is somewhat different. It is not present on most of the competitor smartwatches.

On the downside, the major drawbacks are unavailability of sleep tracker and comparatively low battery life.

In a rare exception, this smartwatch has quick charging support to overcome the dull battery life of about one day.

smartwatch for women in India with grey strap

What also makes this smartwatch special from the rest is the native colour and straps options. As for women, they have a rose gold variant while for admirers of luxurious gold, they have a gold variant.

In all, if you are looking for WearOS based watch, nothing gets better than the Fossil Explorer Smartwatch.

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FOSSIL Explorist smartwatch under 25000
Stainless Steel Variant
Rose Gold smartwatch for women in India
Female Version

Swiss Smartwatch under ₹25000

Swiss smartwatch in India from Skagen
Skagen Smartwatch

Best Sports Watch in India

Apple Series 5 Watch

Latest in range by Apple, the Series 5 has always on Retina display and aluminium case. Among the other outstanding features, one of the prominent is it allows to store and stream songs, podcasts and audiobooks.

It carries the beautiful looks of its previous generations.

Apple Smartwatch Series 5 side profile

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Apple Series 4 Smartwatch

best smartwatch above 25000

We saved the best of the smartwatches in India for the last. This big beast, coming from the home of Apple is what all you can ask from a full-fledged smartwatch.

Packed with the best fitness features in an enriching design, this smartwatch will bring elegance to your wrist with punchier colours on a rounded screen. Instead of bulkier dimensions, the bigger screen size comes from an improved screen to body ratio.

Like other close-ended Apple products, this smartwatch also doesn’t support third-party watch faces.

Apple series 4 watch

This ‘fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered’ smartwatch from its ancestors, has different sizes, improved battery life and louder speakers. The louder speaker and finer placed microphone make the calling experience as well as walkie-talkie mode more convenient.

The ceramic back has the most talked about feature of Apple Watch Series 4: The ECG. It makes a report of your heartbeat rhythm which then can be exported into PDF and can be forwarded to anyone, including your doctor.

Other buzzing features include the digital crown (similar to Fossil Gen 4 Explorist), easier access to Siri, notification for high and low heart rate, fall detection and emergency SOS.

The cellular capabilities of this smartwatch give it liberty to be used without an iPhone nearby.

The 50m water-resistant certification allows you to use it while swimming too.

Apple says the battery life can last up to 18 hours on normal usage or 6 hours of workout mode.

For us, the most exciting part of this smartwatch is the UI and UX. Starting from eye-catching watch faces to the bubbly launcher, it manages the classic Apple design.

It can connect to the iPhone 6 or later running on iOS 12 or later via Bluetooth 5.0.

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Apple watch 3
Apple Watch Series 3

How to select a smartwatch in India?

The three fundamentals blocks of smartwatches are fitness tracking, notification and time.

Device Compatibility

Before everything else, you have to make sure the smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone. Expect Apple smartwatches, all listed smartwatches in this guide can be used with either an Android device or iPhone.

Even with this compatibility, you might be required to download multiple apps to make it work properly.

Input methods

Due to the small size of the screen, it is not always convenient to use the touch for input or interaction.

Therefore brands have to come up with unique solutions. Like Samsung came with rotating bezel while Apple and Fossil came with digital crowns.

Easier interaction via these additional ways comes at a price. Hence, we have to keep an eye on that too. 

Notifications and Calls

One of the fundamental features of any smartwatch is quick access to notification.

Some of the affordable or cheap smartwatches can only show you notifications. They do not allow you to interact with them on the smartwatch itself.

Similarly, some of the smartwatches do not permit you to pick the calls due to the absence of microphone and speaker.

On the other hand, some premium watches have cellular capabilities, which means they can be used to call independent of a smartphone.

Here, you have to prioritise what you want from a smartwatch. Do you want a fitness tracking device or a combination of both a fitness tracking as well as a communication device?


The primary reason for using a smartwatch is the health benefits it brings. You have to know about various sensors in the hardware to understand how the smartwatch keeps track of your health.

Smartwatches come with a heart rate sensor to detect irregularities in your heart rate.

Besides, they could include a pedometer (for measuring steps), sleep tracking software, sports activity tracker, GPS for route tracking and sitting hours among others.

Watch Faces

One of the cool things about smartwatches is that you can change the watch face as you like. 

All smartwatches come preloaded with plenty of watch faces. Some of them are classic while others are a bundle of information with a bunch of colours.

Here, you have to keep an eye on flexibility. Does the smartwatch allow support to third party watches? Does it allow to customise the preloaded watch faces? Are there licensed watch faces?

Battery Life

Expect to few smartwatches, the major drawback in most of the smartwatches is battery life. Usually, the battery lasts for a day or two.

Therefore, you have to charge the smartwatch almost every night.

If you want battery life, you will need to compromise on the features like GPS, punchier colours on the screen, magnetic sensor, LTE connectivity.

Best Smartwatch Brands in India

  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. Fossil
  4. AmazFit
  5. Honor
  6. Huawei
  7. Skagen

Image sources: product pages and respective brand websites.

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