The Best Couple Watches in India

Express your love with one of our handpicked couple watches

It is always better to express your love rather than just keeping it to yourself and what can be better than a thoughtful gift, a beautiful pair of couple watch!

This list of best couple watches in India has been divided into various sections according to their brands.

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Titan Watches

Titan Minimalist

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A perfect choice for working professionals who wish to show their love in a subtle way without coming across as 'showy'.

Titan Gold Dial

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This enchanting couple watch set maintains a fine parity between the opulence of gold and a blushing look, symbolising the purity of love.

Titan Couple

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If you're looking for a gift, which can be used by the couple everyday, this pair watch set can be a good choice. It has lovely looks and doesn't draw unwanted attention.

Titan Rectangle

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A rectangular case couple watch  from Titan with a solid stainless steel build to convey your strong relationship. The two-colour block pattern on straps is charming.

Sonata Watches

Sonata Peacock Dial

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Celebrate the shades of your relationship on festive occasions with this Sonata couple watch, featuring a peacock feather in lighter shade.

Sonata White Dial

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A affordable couple watch  from Sonata which looks elegant on your wrist and doesn't burn  your wallet.

Sonata Black Dial

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This stainless steel couple watch set comes in black dial. 'His watch' has round case  and stick marking  whereas 'her watch' has oval case.

Sonata All Gold

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A gold coloured watch  with rich dial to honour the personal bond you share with the couple  or as a couple.

Fossil Watches

Fossil Minimalist

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Show the elegance of your love with simple yet attractive couple watch from Fossil. The dark colour will mark your strong relationship.

Fossil His & Her

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Celebrate the loyalty, faith, trust, and stability of your relationship with these heavenly Fossil watches.

Other Brands

Timex Couple Watch

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Communicate your love on the occasion with a beautiful watch set  that comes with the authenticity of Timex at an affordable price tag.

Om Designer

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Bring the cute side of your relationship on the table with this pair watch from Om Designer.

How to buy these couple watches or know more about them?

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